New Year’s Resolutions for your Relationship!

January 7th, 2010 by admin in Change, Holidays, Relationship, Sexuality
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It’s the time of year when we often reflect on our lives and what we want to change.  Think about your relationship. What would you like to leave behind in 2009 and what do you want to create or inviting into your life in 2010.

When creating “resolutions” or “intentions” it’s important to get specific.  You want a clear picture of what you want to achieve (that way you will know when you are successful).

Feeling a little lost about ways you can improve your relationship in 2010?

Here are three areas you can focus on –

  • Make a Date – Schedule some time together.   You can get dolled up and go out on the town, make some time to go for a walk or go to the gym together or even spend a night on the couch, watching movies.  The important thing is that you are making time for each other and making your relationship a priority.
  • Try something new – Trying a new activity or hobby and be exciting and it’s great if you two can share that excitement together.  Check out a dance class, join an organization or even take a trip to your local adult toy store to pick up some new bedroom accessories.
  • Focus on the Positive – Sometimes relationships can get bogged down my negativity.  We all like to feel appreciated and loved.  When is the last time you told your partner how sexy she is?  or how much you admire him?  or how proud of her you are?  Instead of focusing on what your partner isn’t doing, what would it be like to focus on what he is doing?  It’s nice to receive compliments.  It’s nice to feel appreciated.  It’s nice to feel loved.  What can you do this year (and for years to come) to make sure the positive interactions outweigh the negative in your relationship?

You can also see me talk about New Year’s Resolutions for your Relationship on Keep It Local below.

Here’s to a love-filled (and sexy!) 2010!

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