A Single Person’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day

February 10th, 2010 by admin in Dating, Holidays
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Valentine’s Day can be tough.  Partners can feel expectations and disappointment (here is a link to the segment I did on getting on the same page as your partner for Valentine’s Day).  And on this “day for lovers” single folks can feel longing or loneliness.

If you are single on Valentine’s Day – you don’t have to spend your time at home feeling sad.  You can use this time to focus on yourself rather than another person.  What would it be like to celebrate yourself?

Here are a few things you can do on Valentine’s Day?

  • Treat yourself the way you want a lover to treat you – Do you want a fancy dinner, a new piece of jewelry, a massage or a lovely bath?  What’s stopping you from having those things?   If you are single, you still deserve to feel special and good about yourself.  Why not write a love letter to yourself?  Or go buy a new toy for some special “alone time.”
  • Spend time with someone you care about – You don’t have to spend the day alone.  You can get together with a friend or a family member.
  • Try a fun event – I did a google search for “single events Valentines Day Portland” and came up with a TON of events.  Valentine’s Day might be a great time to get out in the world and meet someone new.  If you aren’t into the singles scene, you can still do something fun.  In Portland there is plenty to do!  Lots of live music or theatre, or you can check out the Worst Day of the Year Ride or take a class at She Bop (when your girlfriend brags about her amazing dinner you can brag about learning about your G-spot!)

There is no right way to spend Valentine’s Day.  You don’t even have to celebrate it at all.  What you don’t want to do is dread it or feel shame because you don’t have romantic plans.  You can make this Valentine’s Day very special just by celebrating yourself.

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