The Lost Art of Seduction

October 31st, 2010 by admin in Intimacy, Relationship, Romance, Seduction
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Loving couple having intimate moments

How do you seduce your partner?

  • Candles, music and chocolate
  • A sexy text on my way home, telling him to get ready for me
  • A sensual massage
  • I grab her from behind and kiss her neck
  • It starts with an intimate and connecting conversation
  • I leave a trail of my clothes for him to find when he comes home from work. They lead to the bedroom. When he gets to the room, he finds me naked.
  • Have a bath drawn for your partner when she gets home…add a glass of wine, a massage and spend lots of time on foreplay
  • Make a sexy dinner, full of sensual food and serve it in an apron and nothing else

If you’ve been together for a while, you might not be seducing each other at all. The lead up to your lovemaking might be habit, routine or something more like a contract rather than a seduction (if we can have sex now I will do the dishes and walk the dog later tonight).

Sometimes I talk with people who say that don’t know how to seduce their partner. They feel silly or unsure or they just blank. You can use some of the ideas listed above. Or you could go right to the source. Ask your partner how she wants to be seduced. Ask what she thinks is sexy or what she fantasizes about. And make sure you reciprocate by sharing how you would like to be seduced. Create a “seduction box” and fill it with scenarios you each find appealing. Then when you are feeling frisky, pull a seduction suggestion out of the box and use it to inspire you.

Part of what makes us feel cared for or beloved is knowing our partner is thinking about us and putting effort into the relationship. You don’t have to plan a day long seduction or be a sexual dynamo to make your partner feel loved. Put a little attention into your seduction and watch that energy come back to you.

Single? No problem! Read this post for a little help seducing yourself!

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