What will you leave behind in 2010?

December 31st, 2010 by admin in Change, Holidays, Self-care
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As the new year approaches it’s easy to look forward to the changes that will be made, the new paths that will be taken and new adventures that are waiting for you.  It’s also a great time to look back at 2010 and decide what you no longer need.  What isn’t serving you?  What do you want to leave behind?  If your life is overflowing with things it might be hard to add your new resolutions into the mix.  If you want to invite happiness into your life in 2011 but you are still stuck in the sadness of 2010, it might be a tall order.  Think of it like this – if your closet is full to the brim with clothes, you can’t put any more in there…it’s the same with your intentions.  So what will you release?

  • Fear
  • Judgment
  • Anger
  • Money problems
  • Chaos
  • Self-criticism
  • An unhealthy relationship
  • Negativity
  • Clothes that make you look dumpy or unattractive
  • A disorganized desk

What no longer serves you?  Choose 1-3 things you don’t want to bring into 2011 with you.  And then create a way to release them.  You might find it powerful to just say the words, “I release ________.”  It might be helpful to think about the ways these words have impacted your life and then take some time and think about what your life will look like without them.  You can also choose a ritual to help you release the energies or behaviors.  You can write the words you want to release on paper and then take it outside and burn the paper.  Watch the smoke rise into the air and feel it leave your life.

As the clocks moves closer and closer to midnight, let yourself feel excited about the prospect of a new year, a fresh start.  As you contemplate that fresh start, let yourself also reserve a little space for what you want to leave behind.

Have a safe and happy end of 2010.  Here’s to a bright, healthy, abundant 2011!

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