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May 30, 2011

Live Life by Your Own Rules

I’m thinking a lot about life and my own personal “best” life.  What does it look like?  What do I want to invite into my life?  What do I want to let go of?  I know that MY best life is different than YOUR best life.  What does your best life look like?  What will it take for you to live your best life?  What will it take to live life by your own rules?

My May Newsletter is about this very topic.  You can see the whole newsletter here.

Sometimes my best life changes day by day.  Today’s best life is to have breakfast at a cafe, relax, do some writing, hang out with my love.  Tomorrow’s best life is to do some sightseeing and visit some museums.  When I get home my best life will include work, spending time with friends and snuggling with my dogs.  On this trip I am learning the importance of flexibility and doing what feels best in the moment.  Best is subjective.  Best doesn’t just mean different things to different people, it means different things on different days.  How are you living life by your own rules today?

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Flaunt It Like the Moulin Rouge!

Yesterday I went to Pigalle to make a video postcard from Paris.

I chose this area because it is home of the Moulin Rouge and it is also the Sex Capital of Paris! Here, sex is not alluded to, it is displayed and advertised in bright lights!  There are no apologies for the overt sexuality of this area.  Sex appeal is flaunted and proudly displayed.

You might not be a cancan dancer, but can you still own what you have and who you are sexually?

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May 29, 2011

My favorite Morning in Paris

Breakfast in bed.

The church bells are tolling across the city.

We decided to walk over to Pigalle to see the Moulin Rouge so I could make a video postcard from that area.

Moulin Rouge for web

Ah, the city was alive! People enjoying coffee and croissants at cafes. Folks lined up 20 people deep at the most popular boulangeries. Flower shops and cheese shops with the most beautiful products just spilling into the streets. This, THIS is why I am here. It’s the every day moments that I want to remember. Isn’t life funny that way? We focus on the huge events (birthdays, graduations, promotions) and while they are important, sometimes we let the smaller moments pass us by (the way his hand feels against the small of your back, her smile when you come home from work, the light shining through the trees when you walk the dog).  What about those moments?  The small ones?

That’s what I’m going to hold on to and notice this week.  Those lovely, small moments.

The first bite of a fresh baguette.

Holding hands while walking in my Parisian neighborhood.

A group of musicians playing on the street corner.

What small moments will you notice today?

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May 28, 2011

Sexual Skeletons and the Paris Catacombs

I made my very first visit to the Paris Catacombs this week!

The sign at the entrance warned that this tour is not for people who are feint of heart.  We descended 130 steps in partial darkness.  We walked through dark, damp corridors for ages.  I started to think about other dark places.  I started to think about the role of shame in our lives.  Those deep dark secrets.  Those places we don’t want others to see.  I made a video postcard in the dark about shame.  You will need to turn up the volume to hear this one!

After the video, we turned the corner and saw the entrance to the ossuary.  There is a sign “Arrete c’est ici l’empire de la mort” (Stop! This is the empire of death!)  As we passed through the entrance way, I was struck by the number of bones!

Catacombs 1

All of these bones buried beneath a city!

catacombs 2

All of these bones beneath a beautiful, vibrant city!  All of these bones beneath the City of Lights, the City of Love!

Here is my shadow on a wall of bones

Here is my shadow on a wall of bones

If all of these skeletons are housed under this city, what kind of skeletons are lurking under your surface?  Remember what I said in the video – things are scary when they are hiding in the dark. ANYTHING can seem scarier when it’s in the dark.  Turn on the lights, and it’s not so scary. That’s why I talk about sex and intimacy.  When we don’t talk about these things, they stay in the dark and become connected to our shame.  However, say it out loud, and it’s not so scary.  Say it out loud and you may learn that other people are similar: they may have the same shame, the same fears or the same desire.  Turn on the lights and whether it’s skeletons or sex – it’s not so scary!

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May 26, 2011

Sacred Sex and the Sacre-Coeur

Video #2 in my Video Postcards from Paris series.

How can you make your sex more sacred?  Watch the video for a few simple tips to deepen your connection with yourself and your partner.

Another way to make your sex more spiritual or sacred is to add some ritual. Take a shower or bath with your partner before making love. Bring in a certain scent or some candles. Have a special playlist or song that signifies your special time together. Do something special to create an environment or a mindset that is all about you and your lover.

For more tips about sex and to learn more about my Paris adventures, connect with me on facebook or twitter.

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May 25, 2011

When Sex is Like a Garden in Paris

Here is my very first Video Postcard from Paris!

Think simple sex = boring sex? Think again!

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May 24, 2011

Video Postcards from Paris

Julie and L'arc du Carrousel

Greetings from Paris.

Wish you were here!

Stay tuned to my blog or facebook page for videos from Paris.  I plan to go all over Paris and post short videos about sexuality.  I’m doing this because I’m writing about sex in Paris (so those two things are on my brain anyway) AND because it’s important that we talk about sex.  How can you improve your sexual experience if you don’t feel comfortable talking about it?  I’m putting my money where my mouth is by going all over Paris and talking about sex.  So far I’ve been to two touristy places where I got more than a couple stares when I said “sex” or “making love.”  If I can talk about sex in public, maybe you can talk about sex with a close friend or with your partner.  The more we talk about it the easier it gets.

I hope you will join me on this journey.


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May 22, 2011

Live Your Best Life

Months ago I was talking to a friend and I told her I had an idea.  I wanted to run women’s groups to help ladies live their best lives.  I was feeling excited about my life and the different areas that were feeling rich and full and I wanted to help others put their attention on their own lives.  It took a few months to make it happen and I lead my first Live Your Best Life Group this spring.

Here is what one participant had to say, “I was at a true cross-roads and needed something to help me sort out what I really want in my future and how to get it.  Live Your Best Life has been a miracle for me!  I have now identified the various elements of my life, what I want to keep or not, and how to proceed in my future.  Most importantly, I have learned it all takes time and that I am worth the investment.  Take this time for you — you will not be sorry.

So often our culture places value on caring for others and looking past our own needs or desires.  I wanted to have a place for women to focus on themselves.  I wanted to create a place for women to say out loud what they wished for and then to watch it unfold.  That is what happens in this group.  It gives you one 2-hour chunk of time each week to focus on YOU.  It gives you a safe place to dream, a safe place to name what you want in your heart.  I’m getting ready to run another Live Your Best Life group this summer.  There are just a couple spots left and the details are below.  I would love to have you join me on this adventure.

Live Your Best Life

Are you ready to focus on yourself and live your best life?  This is a 6-week group for women you are ready to put themselves first!  In this group we will focus on YOU and different areas of your life.  We will spend time exploring creativity, self-care, sensuality, health, relationships and more.

I will be facilitating this group June 25 – July 30. The group meets Saturday in NE Portland from 3pm-5pm.  The cost is $25 per session. Please contact Julie Jeske at 503-756-3478 or for more information.

As I’m writing this in Paris, the church bells are tolling across the city.  I’m looking out past the vase of fresh flowers I picked up at the market yesterday.  The sun is shining and I can hear the neighborhood bustling around me.

Writing in Paris

Spending 5 weeks in Paris is part of living my best life.  It’s a dream of mine that is coming true.  Want to learn more about living your best life?  My May newsletter hits inboxes this week.  You can subscribe here.

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May 21, 2011

Ah L’Amour!

Is it possible to be in Paris and not write about love?

I kiss your feet because I know your heart - Oscar Wilde's grave

I kiss your feet because I know your heart - Oscar Wilde's grave

Or if not love, romance?  This city is so romantic!  The architecture, the food, the cafes, the art, the energy and the ambiance make me swoon.

I basked in the sunshine, drinking my cafe au lait at this very cafe yesterday!

I basked in the sun and enjoyed a cafe au lait at this outdoor cafe yesterday.

How can you NOT be in love in this city?!  Yet I am certain there are people in Paris who are not in love, who are happily (or unhappily) single or perhaps looking for love.  I’m sure there are people here (as there are everywhere) who are unhappy in their relationships, who are miserable this very minute!

There is no magic place on earth where every person is in love.  However, there are certainly places or environments that help spark that energy, help ignite your passion or your appreciation for your lover.  What about your home?  Is it easy to feel love there?  What about your bedroom?  Is your bedroom your sanctuary? Is it a special space reserved for sleeping and making love?  Or is your bedroom full of clutter, half-finished house projects, dirty dishes, and the kids’ toys?  You may not be able to hop on a plane with your beau and get whisked away to Paris.  What can you do?  You can start at home and give your bedroom a sexy makeover!  You can bring Paris to YOU! If not a sexy makeover, can you make it your sanctuary?  Look for colors that soothe or calm you.  Perhaps hang a photo of your very first date spot or showcase a souvenir from a special trip as a reminder of the history and the intimacy you share.  Make your bedroom a tribute to your relationship and to the love your share!  Ah L’amour!!!

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A Sex Therapist in Paris!

Here I am in Paris…I’ve been dreaming about it for a year…planning it for months…and here I am!

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