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May 22nd, 2011 by admin in Change, Paris, Self-care
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Months ago I was talking to a friend and I told her I had an idea.  I wanted to run women’s groups to help ladies live their best lives.  I was feeling excited about my life and the different areas that were feeling rich and full and I wanted to help others put their attention on their own lives.  It took a few months to make it happen and I lead my first Live Your Best Life Group this spring.

Here is what one participant had to say, “I was at a true cross-roads and needed something to help me sort out what I really want in my future and how to get it.  Live Your Best Life has been a miracle for me!  I have now identified the various elements of my life, what I want to keep or not, and how to proceed in my future.  Most importantly, I have learned it all takes time and that I am worth the investment.  Take this time for you — you will not be sorry.

So often our culture places value on caring for others and looking past our own needs or desires.  I wanted to have a place for women to focus on themselves.  I wanted to create a place for women to say out loud what they wished for and then to watch it unfold.  That is what happens in this group.  It gives you one 2-hour chunk of time each week to focus on YOU.  It gives you a safe place to dream, a safe place to name what you want in your heart.  I’m getting ready to run another Live Your Best Life group this summer.  There are just a couple spots left and the details are below.  I would love to have you join me on this adventure.

Live Your Best Life

Are you ready to focus on yourself and live your best life?  This is a 6-week group for women you are ready to put themselves first!  In this group we will focus on YOU and different areas of your life.  We will spend time exploring creativity, self-care, sensuality, health, relationships and more.

I will be facilitating this group June 25 – July 30. The group meets Saturday in NE Portland from 3pm-5pm.  The cost is $25 per session. Please contact Julie Jeske at 503-756-3478 or for more information.

As I’m writing this in Paris, the church bells are tolling across the city.  I’m looking out past the vase of fresh flowers I picked up at the market yesterday.  The sun is shining and I can hear the neighborhood bustling around me.

Writing in Paris

Spending 5 weeks in Paris is part of living my best life.  It’s a dream of mine that is coming true.  Want to learn more about living your best life?  My May newsletter hits inboxes this week.  You can subscribe here.

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