Sexual Skeletons and the Paris Catacombs

May 28th, 2011 by admin in Paris, Sexuality, Shame, Video
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I made my very first visit to the Paris Catacombs this week!

The sign at the entrance warned that this tour is not for people who are feint of heart.  We descended 130 steps in partial darkness.  We walked through dark, damp corridors for ages.  I started to think about other dark places.  I started to think about the role of shame in our lives.  Those deep dark secrets.  Those places we don’t want others to see.  I made a video postcard in the dark about shame.  You will need to turn up the volume to hear this one!

After the video, we turned the corner and saw the entrance to the ossuary.  There is a sign “Arrete c’est ici l’empire de la mort” (Stop! This is the empire of death!)  As we passed through the entrance way, I was struck by the number of bones!

Catacombs 1

All of these bones buried beneath a city!

catacombs 2

All of these bones beneath a beautiful, vibrant city!  All of these bones beneath the City of Lights, the City of Love!

Here is my shadow on a wall of bones

Here is my shadow on a wall of bones

If all of these skeletons are housed under this city, what kind of skeletons are lurking under your surface?  Remember what I said in the video – things are scary when they are hiding in the dark. ANYTHING can seem scarier when it’s in the dark.  Turn on the lights, and it’s not so scary. That’s why I talk about sex and intimacy.  When we don’t talk about these things, they stay in the dark and become connected to our shame.  However, say it out loud, and it’s not so scary.  Say it out loud and you may learn that other people are similar: they may have the same shame, the same fears or the same desire.  Turn on the lights and whether it’s skeletons or sex – it’s not so scary!

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