Small Ways to Say “I Love You.”

June 7th, 2011 by admin in Dating, Relationship, Romance
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The Waltz - Rodin

The Waltz - Rodin

You don’t have to buy diamonds or use skywriting to tell your partner you care. Small (inexpensive) expressions of love go a really long way!

  • Give small gifts when they aren’t expected. Sure you might give flowers or a card on Valentine’s Day or your Anniversary, but what about giving a card “just because?”
  • Pick up your partner’s favorite treat the next time you are at the store. Whether it’s candy, a beverage or a magazine – bringing home something without being asked shows you are thinking of your mate.
  • Leave little notes around the house. On each note write something you love about your partner, something you appreciate or a compliment. (for example, “I love your smile.” “I feel so lucky to be loved by you.” “You are the best kisser.”)
  • Say nice things about your mate in front of someone else. Tell your friends how amazing your partner is, how great he is at his job or how lucky you feel to be with him.
  • Listen. Seems like a small thing, right? But we are all so good at multitasking these days…so put down your phone, look in her eyes and really listen.
  • Ask a question. Ask your love about their day. Ask them what they think about things (what they want for dinner, where they want to go on your next vacation, how they would like to be seduced). After you ask, listen to what they say.
  • Give a compliment. An unsolicited compliment can feel wonderful. Don’t wait to be asked, “How do I look?” Tell her she looks great. Tell her you think she is an amazing mother. Tell her you are impressed by her business savvy. You know those things you are thinking? Those things you love about your partner? Say them out loud!
  • Call or send a text in the middle of the day. Just because you typically talk at lunch time doesn’t mean you can’t send an “I love you” text at 10am. Checking in with a message of love during the day shows you are thinking of him and that can feel really great. (Just make sure you are mindful of your partner’s schedule. If he has a huge meeting or an important presentation he might not have the time to talk.)
  • Make time for your relationship. Carve out time for your partner.  Whether it means you get to go on a date or even sit on the couch together and talk about your day, let them know you WANT to spend time with them.
  • Use your talents. If you are a wonderful cook or a fabulous baker then make a treat for your lover.  If you are a poet or songwriter, let your mate be your muse.  If you struggle creatively then you can put your favorite picture in a frame for your partner or give him a foot rub.
  • Say, “I love you.” Sure you may already tell your partner you love her.  Notice how you say it.  Is it in passing or something you say out of habit rather than saying it intentionally?  Next time you want to let her know how special she is, look in her eyes and tell her you love her.  And if you want to turn it up a notch, say her name first and then say, “I love you.”
  • Do something to make their life easier. Maybe they always make dinner or do the dishes or pack school lunches…take one of the tasks your partner usually does as a way to show you love and appreciate them.

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