Romance isn’t for sissies!

August 16th, 2011 by admin in Relationship, Romance
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Romance gets a bad rap.  It’s called silly or girly or is put in the same category as “puppy love.”  People sometimes shy away from romance because they don’t want to look wimpy.  If you would like more romance in your life you might judge yourself saying it’s for young girls or belongs in the movies.

Here’s the reality about romance.  Strong, independent women can desire romance.  Strong, independent men can desire romance. If you yearn for romance, that doesn’t mean you are silly or a wimp…it just means you yearn for romance.

Romance can be a great addition to a relationship.  Romance can bring a sense of adventure or giddiness to your partnership. Being romantic toward your partner can make him or her feel attended to, important or beloved.

Sometimes being romantic can feel like a risk because you don’t know how it will be received.  It takes a brave person to be romantic.

If you want to be romantic but flowers or poetry aren’t your thing, don’t worry, romance can take on many different forms.  Tomorrow I will post a list of ways you can add romance to your relationship.

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