Is Self-Care Selfish?

September 21st, 2011 by admin in Self-care, Self-love
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Self-care massage

What’s the difference between self-focus and selfishness?  What about self-love and self-centered?

Is taking care of yourself selfish? Is loving yourself selfish?

Last week in my Live Your Best Life group, we focused on self-care.  We defined self-care.  We talked about the nurturing and enjoyment self-care can bring.  We also talked about fears of self-care morphing into something else (watching your favorite TV show might feel like self-care, plunking yourself in front of the TV all day might be avoidance).  We discussed about what gets in the way of self-care (time, energy, guilt, others not supporting your self-care).  And we identified ways to practice self-care.

I would argue that not only is self-care NOT selfish, it is essential!  I think of it as the building block for many other areas of your life.  Can you do a good job at work if you are exhausted or stressed?  Can you be fully present in your relationship or if you are running on empty?  Can you take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself?

Not only is it OK for your to take care of yourself, it is necessary!  If your self-care starts to feel selfish – think about the oxygen mask on an airplane.  If there is a sudden loss of cabin pressure, you are instructed to put yours on first.  Let self-care be your oxygen mask.  If you care for yourself first, it’s easier to care for others.  If you love yourself first, it’s easier to love others.

Not sure how to practice self-care?  Try listening to your intuition.  Or look at some tips on scheduling time for yourself.

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