Happily Ever After?

September 27th, 2011 by admin in Marriage, Relationship
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When you were young, did you think you would partner?  What did you imagine your relationship would look like?

What about when you got older?

What are your relationship models?  Do you want a relationship like your parents’?

What does a healthy relationship look like?

A healthy relationship can look a bit different to each person.  I’m often asked about how much work should be put into a relationship.  I know plenty of people don’t like the idea of putting any work into a relationship.  People want their relationships to be fun and effortless.  And while I am all for a relationship being fun and enjoyable…I also believe that relationships take work.

Your career takes work, hobbies take work, losing weight takes work, learning a new skill takes work – it would seem reasonable that relationships take work as well!  (If you don’t like the word “work” you can substitute it with “effort”, “energy” or “attention.”)

The tricky thing is finding the balance between work and enjoyment.  Here are some ways you can work on your relationship and find enjoyment as well.

Take a look at your relationship expectations. If you expect relationships to be easy and fun, that will impact how you react when they take a little work.  If you expect relationships to be too much work and miserable, that might impact your ability to enjoy your relationship.  If it helps, replace the word “work” with one of the words I listed above and see if that makes it easier to put a little effort into your relationship!

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