You are NEVER too old for some sex education.

December 8th, 2011 by admin in Relationship, Sexual Being, Sexuality
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Sex Education

Sometimes people come to my office because they have questions about sex or they want to make their sex more pleasurable, more exciting or just want it to feel “better.”  I often hear, “I feel like I should know this by now” or “I feel too old to be asking this…”  It doesn’t matter if they are 23, 43 or 63 – they all feel they should know it all by now.

Here’s the thing about sex.  It is not a destination you reach. It is not something you figure out “once and for all.” It’s not even static (who you are sexually changes!).  There is always more to learn about sex!  And just because you don’t know EVERYTHING about sex, doesn’t mean you are a lousy lover.  PRETENDING to know everything about sex or not learning more about sex because you are embarrassed or afraid probably does negatively impact your sexual experience.

If you are looking for more information about sex, here are some resources.

  • Talk with a sex therapist, counselor or educator. There doesn’t have to be something “wrong” with your sex life for you to go get some support.  You don’t even have to go long term.  Going to 1-3 sessions may give you enough information to take your sex life from “so-so” to “So Great!”
  • Read a book about sex and relationships.
  • Attend a class or workshop. If you are in the Portland Area, She Bop is a great resource.
  • Visit your local sex toy store. Talking with the staff and seeing books, videos and toys up close and personal can be very helpful.
  • Watch a video. There are plenty of “how to” videos out there.
  • You can also talk to your partner and explore this together.

There is no shame in wanting to improve your sex life or learn more about what pleases you or your partner.  Get yourself some sex education.  I’m betting your homework will be really fun!

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