Finding Ease this Valentine’s Day

February 9th, 2012 by admin in Holidays, Relationship, Romance
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Valentine CoupleAre you are dreading finding the right way to show you care this Valentine’s Day?

Worried that the same old flowers or chocolates or dinner just won’t cut it, again?

Think February 14th has to be the most perfect, expensive, meaningful (stressful) event of the year?  Think again!

Here are some simple ways to show your mate you care, without breaking a sweat (or the bank).

  • Tell her how you feel. Instead of a cheesy card, or a love song that doesn’t quite sum up your feelings, share how YOU feel.  Make your own card, write a love letter or poem, make a video, draw a picture or just look in her eyes and really share how important your relationship is and how much you cherish her.
  • Make a meal together. Can’t afford a fancy night out on the town?  It can be very romantic to cook together (or to pamper your partner and just cook a meal for her).  Just because you are eating at home doesn’t mean you can’t class up the the joint.  Turn off the TV, set the table, light some candles, put on something that makes you feel attractive and make a meal that means something to you both (something to remind you of your travels together or your first meal together).
  • Seduce your partner. Let your sexual encounter focus on her needs and pleasing her.  If she has a hard time receiving, assure her that tonight is all about her.  You may ask her if she would like to be blindfolded so she can lay back and focus on her pleasure.
  • Ask your mate what she wants or how she wants to celebrate. Worried that your surprise might fall flat?  It’s OK to check in with your partner about your Valentine’s Day expectations.

When planning Valentine’s Day, take some attention off of the “product” and think about your intention.  How do you want your lover to feel?  What will let her know she is special?  Also, if you are letting your mate know how much you care the other 364 days of the year, proving your love on Valentine’s Day becomes a lot less important.

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