Letting Go of Sexual Shame

February 2nd, 2012 by admin in Sexuality, Shame
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Tonight I hosted a workshop about sex and shame.  I am always amazed by and grateful for the way these workshops unfold.   Shame can be a powerful force in people’s lives and when you add it to the sexual realm (something people rarely talk about it) it can feel paralyzing.

When people feel shame, they often hide it.  It’s embarrassing, it’s awful, it makes us “bad” – so we keep it secret.  Here’s the thing about shame though…the deeper you bury it, the bigger it gets!  Shame is like the monster under your bed.  The more you think about it, the darker it is in your room, the bigger and scarier the monster gets.  But when you turn on the light and look under your bed, you can see there isn’t a monster.  When we look at our shame…address it…talk about it – it lessens.  Acknowledging your shame, naming your shame – that’s how you can get rid of it.  I know it can seem scary, so start small.  Write about your shame, talk to someone you trust (a friend, partner or therapist) or find a group.  One of the best ways to eliminate shame is to learn that you are not alone.

Your shame doesn’t serve you.  It doesn’t make you braver, stronger, cooler, or better.  Your shame is holding you back.  It’s time to release your shame and embrace your life!

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