Treat Yourself Like a Precious Gift

April 13th, 2012 by admin in Self-care, Self-love
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Are you constantly taking care of others?

Do you worry that self-care or self-love is selfish?

Are you overlooking your own needs or desires?

I am shocked by how many people around me are spending all of their energy caring for others, yet are neglecting themselves.  I’m also surprised by how many people tell me that if they do put some energy toward themselves, they worry that they will become selfish or uncaring.  It doesn’t work that way. I’ve never seen someone go from being selfless to selfish overnight.  I’ve not seen someone neglect herself, put a little energy toward herself and then become self-absorbed.

Who benefits when you ignore your well-being?


If you really want to be available to share your love with others, you have to start with yourself.  Have you ever tried to take care of someone when you are depleted?  You become resentful or angry!  When you feel loved and attended to, you have more energy (for yourself and others).

You can practice self-love or self-care and still care for others (this is not an either / or equation).

Neglecting yourself doesn’t make you a “better person” – it just makes you a neglected one.

I would love to see you putting more energy toward yourself.  Fill your well up first and then let it spill over onto others.  Treat yourself the way you treat your loved ones, your children.  Treat yourself like a precious gift!  (because you are one!)

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