Blow Your Partner’s Mind in Bed!

May 24th, 2012 by admin in Relationship, Sexual Being, Sexuality
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  • Want to know the secret to driving your guy wild?
  • Ready for some tips to please your partner?
  • Need a little help taking your sex from so-so to so GREAT?

I can’t walk through a grocery story checkout line without a magazine promising me that they have THE ideal sexual position, pickup line, seduction tip or the secret to explosive orgasms.  But if they really had THE secret would they keep publishing a different one each month?  If they really had THE key to unlocking sexual pleasure, would there be so many people who are feeling sexually stuck or unsatisfied?

Fancy toys, twisty positions and stripper seductions moves can be great…but there is an easier way to blow your partner’s mind in bed.

The best way to excite your lover is to ENJOY YOUR SEXUAL EXPERIENCE!

That’s right!  Over and over and over again, I’m told that the biggest turn on for people is seeing their partner is excited, turned on, present and pleased.

That should be some pretty big incentive for speaking your truth, naming your desire and asking for what you want in the bedroom.  You don’t have to pretend something feels good if it doesn’t.  You don’t have to fake it and play a character.  You can just show up, as you are and connect with your partner.

And if you aren’t enjoying yourself, it’s time to take ownership of your pleasure.  Take the time to discover what feels best and then share that information with your partner.

2 Responses to “Blow Your Partner’s Mind in Bed!”

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  2. Julie Jeske, M.S. Says:

    […] Knowing what you want in the bedroom is sexy.  Show your partner what feels good and how you like to be touched.  Giving in the bedroom is often appreciated, but knowing their partner is enjoying sex turns on many people. […]