How do you negotiate with your partner?

June 26th, 2012 by admin in Communication, Relationship, Video
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  • Scream and fight until you get your way?
  • Keep silent, let him “win” and then fume and hold resentment?
  • Perhaps you cuddle up together and calmly talk things out?

Mostly likely, it’s some combination of the above…or perhaps it looks nothing like the above.  The truth is you are going to have to bend or compromise or negotiate at some time in your relationship.

We talked about negotiating with your partner on KOIN Studio 6.  You can see the video here.

Sometimes compromise stinks! We talk about compromise being such a wonderful thing…but sometimes it’s really hard.  And it’s not always possible to compromise on some topics (you can’t have half a baby).  When you are negotiating, know what’s really important to you.  What are you willing to bend on?  What can’t you budge on?  Be very clear about what you want and also what your partner wants and what’s best for your relationship.

If your negotiation tactics are causing a fight, you might find this post about fair fighting helpful.

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