Firsts and Lasts

July 21st, 2012 by admin in Gratitude, Relationship
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Do you remember your first kiss? What about the first time you fell in love?  The first time you traveled to an exciting location?  The first time you held your newborn baby? Your first sunset?  The first time you tasted a certain food?

Do you remember the last thing someone special said to you? What about celebrating your last day at a job that didn’t serve you?  Your last day of high school?  Your last night in a certain house or apartment?  The last day of vacation?

Firsts and lasts can carry a significant weight in our minds. They can also feel irreplaceable (and in many ways they are).  After time it can feel like there are no more “firsts” you can have with a partner.  If that’s the case, can you recreate some of your favorites?

  • What it would be like if you kissed your partner as if it was the first time your lips met?
  • What if you could see the town you lived in with the wonder that visitors feel?
  • How would it feel to look at your child (who may be driving you crazy) with the love you felt the first moment you met him/her?
  • How can you experience a certain taste, scent,  or sensation as if for the first time?

How would your life be different if you imagined that some moments were your last?

  • Would you say, “I love you” more if you thought it was your last chance?
  • Would you kiss or hug a little longer?
  • Would you say or do something differently?
  • How might you appreciate your body if you knew you were getting sick or injured?

Are there moments of your life that are passing you by?  Are there things you are taking for granted?  What firsts or lasts might you appreciate today?

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