Surrender Verses Control

September 27th, 2012 by admin in Change, Newsletter
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My July newsletter was about surrendering. I feel like I’ve had a lot of experience with this theme in the past year. When my dad was diagnosed with cancer I quickly learned there isn’t much I can do other than love him and support him in any way I can. When my little breech baby wouldn’t turn, my dream of a hypnobirthing birth quickly changed to a cesarean. I say quickly, but I fought the “surrender” on this one trying anything I could to get her to turn.

And almost 8 weeks after her birth I’m flying to the Midwest for a family wedding. Surrender again comes to mind. Don’t get me wrong, i am prepared…but I also need to just show up and see what happens. Surrender isn’t giving up…but there is a letting go.

Letting go of strong expectations.

Letting go of control.

As I’m flying today, I’m trusting things will go well, but also remembering this is just 6 hours of my life if it’s hard. If I didn’t surrender I might have a strong idea of how things should go…and if they didn’t go that way I might be really upset. Surrendering brings some peace.

Is there something you are trying to force in your life? Are you trying to control a relationship or force someone else’s behavior? What would happen if you loosened your grasp a bit? It can feel scary to let go and accept and trust. As someone who is in the other side, I can tell you it feels much better than trying to control the incontrollable.

PS – We made it through our day of travel!  It went much better than I could ever imagine.  Hooray for surrender!

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