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October 14th, 2012 by admin in Family, Intimacy, Parenting, Relationship, Romance, Sexual Being, Sexuality
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I’m thrilled to share that I was interviewed for a new book!  Mastering the Mommy Track: Juggling Career and Kids in Uncertain Times is a book from moms who are trying to find more balance and lead full lives. According to the author, “My book offers insight that will help working moms improve their personal lives and careers. It is a juggling act to balance home and work duties, and for a lot of women in 2012, it’s a walk on a tightrope–a fear their families will never experience the rewards (vacation, travel, time off) they so rightfully deserve.”

Does that tightrope familiar?

I contributed to the chapter on romance.  I hear from so many women who have a really hard time finding room for romance and intimacy once a baby arrives.  It is not impossible to be a mother and a sexual being…however it does take energy, flexibility and sometimes planning.  Having a baby impacts your life…it also impacts your relationship.  Things change after having a baby.  Your body changes after having a baby.   If you are trying to have the same kind of sex that you had “pre-baby,” you might be disappointed.  That doesn’t mean you can’t have sex and it doesn’t mean it can’t be great.

It’s important to put energy into being intimate with your partner.  It’s important to connect with your “new-ish” body.  It’s important to acknowledge where you are now and to discover what works for you now.  You can certainly reclaim romance and reclaim your sexuality after having a baby, just know that it will probably be different than it was before…and that’s OK.  It’s also OK if it feels difficult to be sexual at times.  It’s OK if you are tired or busy at times.  Be gentle with yourself.  As a mom and a sexual being (and many other roles) you may often feel like you are being pulled in many directions.  At the same time, notice when you are letting yourself coast on excuses.

You will have to put energy into your role as a mother (there is a little person depending on you).  Also put energy into your relationship with your partner and your relationship with yourself.

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