I Resolve to Have More Fun!

January 2nd, 2013 by admin in Change, Holidays, Self-care
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Schedule more fun!

How long do your New Year Resolutions usually last?

Do you attempt the same resolutions year after year?

Do you beat yourself up when you “break” your resolutions?

It might be time to rethink your resolutions.

What do you really want this year?

I’m not asking what you think you “should” do.  I’m not asking what you try to do each year.  I’m not asking what your partner wants you to do differently.

What do YOU want?

What will enrich your life?  What will make things more enjoyable?  What do you want to invite into your life?  What do you want to release?

Maybe it’s time to revise traditional resolutions.  Instead of trying to lose weight, exercise or keep your house clean…maybe it’s time for more fun, more rest or striving for contentment.

Here are a few things you might focus on this year –

More laughter

More quiet – relaxation – or calm

Deeper connection – with yourself or loved ones

More flexibility – more “go with the flow”

Less time “plugged in” – This is something I have on my list – I resolve to turn my computer off!

Allowing yourself to receive

Focusing on your health (not just losing weight or eating less).  This includes mental health and sexual health.

Embracing self-love

Cultivating pleasure

What a fun list!

What is on your list?  How will you enrich your life today?

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