Romance, Cherish and Love Yourself!

July 24th, 2013 by admin in Love, Romance, Self-love
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romance yourself

Are you saving all of your love or positive energy for someone else?

  • Are you holding on to a special bottle of wine?
  • Are you waiting to wear (or even buy) your sexy underwear?
  • Are you saving those yummy candles for just the right event?
  • Are you waiting to try that fabulous restaurant?

What if while you are waiting the wine goes bad?

What if while you a waiting the candles lose their scent or melt?

What if the restaurant comes and goes?

What if you could enjoy things now AND still find ways to celebrate and enjoy future moments?

I LOVE having rituals and special events and things to look forward to. I also love savoring the present moment. Can you do both?

Are you are waiting for someone else to romance, cherish or love you? How does that feel? Are you lonely? Resentful? Biding your time?

It’s OK to want someone to share your life with – and still love yourself in the meantime.

It’s OK to be in a relationship and still romance yourself.

When you cherish yourself, you are welcoming others to cherish you as well.

Make a list of 10 way you can romance, cherish or love yourself (tangible things you can do). If you are stuck, think of things you would like someone else to do for you or things you would do for someone you love. And then place the list where you can see it regularly. Start doing things on your list. And add things to your list and you identify more.

Make yourself a priority!

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