5 Reasons Masturbation is Great!

August 8th, 2013 by admin in health, Self-care, Self-love, Sexual Being, Sexuality, Women
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Let’s talk about masturbation.

For real!

Masturbation, especially female masturbation is not something that is spoken about in polite circles.  Many women feel shame about masturbation. Some woman use masturbation as a stress reliever or as a way to experience pleasure when they are single.  If you are in a relationship, you may tell yourself you don’t “need” to masturbate.  Masturbation and partnered sex can serve different purposes.  Sex with your lover is often about connection, expressing love or sharing intimacy.  Masturbation can add something to your life (rather than replacing sex with your mate).

Here are some reasons masturbation is great! (Whether you are single or partnered)

  • It’s good for your health – get those endorphins flowing, (see stress release below) and keep those genital muscles toned!
  • It’s a great stress relief (and can help sleep) – Orgasm is a form of release…when you release something, you let go.  So if you are holding energy or stress or anger or sadness, “letting go” with some self-love could be just what you need to feel better.
  • It can help you learn what you love and what feels good – Touching yourself is one of the best ways to learn what your body likes.  You can play with tempo, pressure and different areas of your body without worrying about your partner’s agenda.  You can take your time.  You can truly focus on yourself (and even bring what you learn to your partnered sex).
  • It will help you get comfortable with your body and cultivate self-love – Do you have some shame about your body?  Getting up close and personal can help change your view of your body.  Touch yourself with love.
  • Pleasure begets MORE pleasure – Are you worried that if you take the time to masturbate, you might not have desire or energy left for your partner?  Pleasure begets more pleasure!  AND if you are taking the time to learn what you love and sharing that with your partner, you are going to enjoy sex even more!

Masturbation is good for you.  Self-love is good for you.  Pleasure is good for you.

Ready to make your masturbation more pleasurable?  Look for tomorrow’s post – Seduce Yourself!

Feeling shame about masturbation? – Check out my online class, “Releasing Shame – Embracing Pleasure!”

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