Seduce Yourself!

August 9th, 2013 by admin in Pleasure, Self-love, Sexual Being, Sexuality
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Woman Bath Masturbation

Recently I wrote about masturbation being good for you.  What about making it feel really good too?

I also wrote – Romance, cherish and love yourself. How can you do that in the bedroom?

Masturbation is often something done quickly and furtively under the covers. Some of that may be because of having to be quiet or secretive growing up, or fear that you might get “caught.” Many people try to get off as quickly as possible.  Which is fine.  It’s also more than fine to make your experience pleasurable.

Seduce yourself!

Ready to make your self-love session a little more pleasurable?  Try these tips –

Set the mood – Light some candles, turn on some music, take a bath, put some special sheets on the bed – do something to make your experience special and intentional.

Take your time – Are you used to getting off as quickly as possible?  What if you slow down?  Instead of going straight for your genitals, explore your body and see if you can find other erogenous zones!

Tease yourself –Let yourself get close to orgasm and then back off a bit.  Arouse yourself some more and notice what happens when you get close to the brink, slow down and then build things back up again.  You may discover that your orgasm is even more explosive.

Use some tools – Try a toy, read some erotica, watch something sexy.  If you find a tool you enjoy solo, you may even bring it into your partnered sex in the future.

Try something new – Using a tool may be new.  You can also try a different position (on your stomach instead of your back or opening your legs at a different angle), a different location (couch or floor vs. bed, or the bathtub), you can touch yourself in a different way, (use your hand if you usually use a vibrator).  If you can have an orgasm in a different way, you can do the same thing with a partner.

Sometimes you only have a minute or you want to have a fast release.  Other times it’s great to take your time and seduce yourself.  You are worth of pleasure.  You are worthy of seduction.  Don’t wait for someone else to give you either – Seduce Yourself!

Feeling shame about masturbation? – Check out the PDF for my online class, “Releasing Shame – Embracing Pleasure!”

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