Receiving Sexual Gifts

October 25th, 2013 by admin in Receiving, Sexuality, Woman is a River
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Do you have a hard time receiving?

  • What happens when someone does something nice for you?
  • How do you react when someone gives you a compliment?
  • What is your response when your lover offers to please you?

When it comes to receiving in the bedroom, are you opening and willing?

  • Are you worried that receiving makes you greedy?
  • Do you feel “exposed” or “on display” if you allow your partner to give to you fully?
  • Do you get tripped up asking for what you want or knowing what will give you pleasure?

When you open up to receiving, you give your sexual partner a gift!  You allow your lover to give you the gift of pleasure.  You know how good it feels to give, right?  So why would you want to deny your partner that great feeling?  Let your partner give to you sexually!  And why stop there, give yourself some sexual gifts too!

If you still struggle with the idea of receiving (or feel shame or discomfort about sexual pleasure), let yourself receive in a more comfortable way – sign up for Woman is a River: Transforming Your Sexual Mythology.  Give yourself this gift and learn more about the joy of receiving!

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