Self Care During the Holidays

November 14th, 2013 by admin in Uncategorized
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I recently wrote about self-care being a foundation rather than a reward.  I’m hoping you agree and understand the importance of self-care.  I also know it can be hard to find the time or energy during the holidays. My November Newsletter is about prioritizing self-care during the holidays.  Check it out for tangible ways to commit to self-care.

Some of the strategies include:

  • Scheduling it
  • Doing it with others, getting an accountability partner
  • Finding it in small doses
  • Paying for it
  • Doing something you love

    You can read more here.

    If you are overwhelmed with all of the things you MUST do during this time of year, self-care can fall off your radar.  Some of the above techniques can help you make sure self happens. What does self-care mean? What counts as self care?

    Here are some other words that are similar to or can equal self-care –

    • Pamper
    • Rest
    • Rejuvenate
    • Self-love
    • Nurture
    • Recharge
    • Nourish

    Any of the above can be self-care.  Pleasure can feel like self-care.  Joy can feel like self-care.  Eating well and getting enough rest is self-care.

    As the days are darker and the weather is cooler, it’s even more important to look inside and respond to what you need. How can you care for yourself?  How can you prioritize yourself this holiday season? How can you give to yourself?

    Woman is a River: Transform Your Sexual Mythology starts November 25th!  This class is a wonderful way to nourish yourself and focus on self-love this holiday season!

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