Self Care is NOT a Reward

November 7th, 2013 by admin in Self-care, Self-love
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Self-care as the foundation

Hello, dear one.

  • You know you are worthy of love, right?
  • You know you are worthy of goodness, right?
  • You know you are worthy of care and joy and passion, right?

You do not have to EARN self-care. Self-care is not a treat you give yourself if you do a good job.

Self-care is the foundation.


When you care for yourself you have the energy to do the other things. When you care for yourself you have the energy to tackle your to do list, give to others or enjoy an actual reward.

  • Start with self-care and let everything else build on that.
  • Start with self-care and watch your life expand.
  • Start with self-care and feel centered, secure and cared for.

You don’t have to earn your self-care. Self-care is the foundation!

Do you need a little help identifying what “counts” as self-care?

Feeling like self-care is selfish?

My Shower Yourself with Love e-course is a wonderful way to focus on yourself and your care during this season. Now is a great time to slow down and go deep! Let this class be the foundation for you as you explore your pleasure, your sensuality and what feels good!

My November newsletter is about self-care during the holidays. Do yourself a favor, practice self-care by signing up for my newsletter here.

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