Shower Your Friend with Love!

March 12th, 2014 by admin in Class, Friendship, Self-love, Women
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I am so excited about my upcoming class, “Shower Yourself with Love!” As I’ve been thinking about self-love and turning up the volume on love, I’ve been seeing all of the amazing women around me who could use a little extra love and a reminder of their worth. I’ve been having fun giving away some spots in the class to amazing women. So much fun that I want to let other women do the same thing.

Now through March 16th you can purchase the class for yourself and give a spot in the class to a friend for free! Or if you want to buy the class for yourself and give it anonymously to a deserving woman, you can do that too! Or you can buy the class for two women for the price of one!

We can all use a little love and a reminder of our worth. I want to help you with that and I want to help you help a friend. It’s that simple. Buy the class below and I will email you to find out where you want to send your gift subscription and who you would like to say it’s from.

Buy the class HERE.

Let’s not only shower ourselves with love but start a self-love tidal wave!

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