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March 27th, 2014 by admin in Love, Self-love
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How often are you putting energy into your relationship? Do you have daily rituals or ways you connect regularly? Or do you get caught up in the grind and the chaos of life and miss each other?

There are all sorts of reminders about our relationships – Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Holidays. Even if life is chaotic and busy, on these days you and your partner often pause and appreciate one another or honor each other. But what about other days?

If you follow my facebook page or twitter account, you know that I post a #RelationshipReminder or #RomanceReminder every couple days. I do this because I know how easy it is to be on autopilot. I know that even though you love your partner, it might take a catalyst to bring that to your forefront. It takes intentionality, it may take a reminder. Not because you are a bad partner, but because there are so many other things vying for your attention.

What about loving yourself?

Even if you feel a foundation of loving and caring for yourself, do you honor yourself regularly? Do you wait for your birthday or a special occasion? Do you wait for a good hair day or after a workout. Do you have to earn your self-love? Do you use self-care as a reward? Is it all something extra?

I want to help you remember that you are lovable. I want to help you stop, breathe and love yourself. It only takes a moment…but with everything else you need to attend to, how easy it is to forget about yourself?

If you want some reminders to love yourself, you can find the #SelfLoveReminders I post on facebook and twitter. You can also create small ways to reminder yourself – write a yourself a letter, post some notes around your home, sign up for a class or even that feeling loving or schedule self-love breaks in your phone.

You can also take my Shower Yourself with Love e-course.

We will spend 4 weeks focusing on self-love. Four weeks where you get to be the priority. Four weeks where I will remind you of your worth and lovability and the importance of taking time for yourself. And if you get distracted or busy or run out of time during the 4 weeks, you will get a PDF at the end of the course and can use the information at any time you are looking for a little self-love. It’s not selfish to love yourself, it’s essential.

Take a moment to stop, breathe and love yourself right now.

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