All Roads Lead to Love

May 17th, 2014 by admin in Love, Paris
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roads lead to love

Right now I’m sitting in my Paris apartment and there is a couple kissing in the street below my window.  They are stopped in the middle of the cobblestone street wrapped up in each other’s embrace.

The past 24 hours have been a bit topsy turvy. I originally thought my daughter was just taking a bit to adjust to the time change…but then yesterday she developed a cough and she was up most of the night. I finally got her to sleep at 10am…and while I wanted to do some writing I was delirious with sleep-deprivation so I went to bed too.  And then I didn’t wake up until 2:45pm!  And she woke up at 3:15pm.  We are both hungry and a bit disoriented.  My head started filling with all of the adventures we could go on, but I was a little apprehensive about her stroller on the metro and I’m still unsure of the bus system (plus even though a part of me really wanted to “do something” I didn’t want to take her too far if she was still feeling sick).  So I decided we would just explore a different part of our neighborhood and pick up a few more groceries.

We wandered.  We stopped for a croissant aux amande at a random boulangerie and it was superb.  We wandered some more.  We window shopped, pointed out dogs and pigeons and watched people enjoying drinks and food at different cafes. And then I was surprised to see a carousel and decided to take her over for a closer look.  It was packed and I spotted a little garden and thought we would sit for a minute and eat our snack.  We were watching birds and eating pastries and I looked up and saw the “I Love You Wall” right in front of me.  I had almost forgotten about this gem.  It wasn’t on the list of places I want to visit this time around…but here it was.  Here was the perfect spot for us to eat and pause and soak up the love and we just happened upon it.

It’s amazing where you end up when you just start moving.  Whether you are making out in the street, or pushing your baby up a 60 degree incline for blocks and blocks or training for your first 5K – All Roads Lead to Love.

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