Savoring Your Moments

May 30th, 2014 by admin in Gratitude, Live Your Best Life, Paris
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Life is full of moments. Some are hard, some are beautiful, some are painful, some are joyful – all are fleeting.

I’m back in Portland after 2 weeks in Paris. If you had asked me how the trip was during journey I would have had a different response every day. At 3 in the morning when we had been up for hours I would have said it was hard or exhausting. When my daughter walked under the Eiffel Tower focusing on the ground and collecting rocks instead of the noticing the monument I would have said it was surprising. When I was charged a ridiculous amount for a ride from the airport I would have said it was frustrating. When met new friends (who happen to also live in Portland) and watched our daughters play in the sand together I would have said it was connecting. When I was walking in my neighborhood, soaking up the cobblestone, flower-filled balconies, and watching people at cafes I would have said it was perfect.

Paris balconies

Now as I look back on the trip as a whole, it’s true parts were hard, it’s also true that it was one of the most important things I’ve done. I traveled to Europe with a 2 year old. I faced fears, I embraced joy, I engaged my senses – I realized how strong I am. I learned and experienced so much!

The last day of the trip it felt like everything was going wrong. There were so many obstacles and I had such high hopes for the day. There was a moment when I wondered, “Why did I do this?” I heard all of the voices of people who suggested my daughter was too young to enjoy it, it would be too much for me or too expensive or I should wait. And for a few hours I bought into those voices. I wrote in my journal about how hard it was and about all of the things I didn’t get to do that I had wanted to do. The next morning I carried all of our luggage down 2 flights of stairs, climbed into a taxi with my daughter and watched the Paris landscape disappear as we drove to the airport. I piled our suitcase, the pack ‘n play, her stroller and my laptop bag on a cart, picked up my sleeping baby in my other arm and rolled the luggage cart around the airport. I practiced my french as I asked someone where to check-in. As I turned to find the correct desk, I stopped and I was overcome by such a sense of pride. I stood in the middle of Charles De Gaulle airport, arms aching from the weight of my baby, as people from other countries hurried around me and I felt so strong and so content. On the flight home all of the joy and excitement and passion and adventure came flooding back. I was able to sit and enjoy the memory of some magical moments.

It’s so important to feel what we are feeling. I needed to acknowledge the hard and let myself feel the disappointment about the last day. As I feel my feelings they move through me and I can truly savor all of the special moments from my trip (and my life).

There was the moment we were out to coffee and my daughter pointed up above and said “tweet tweet” and I saw a trapped bird. On the way home from that cafe we found a snail shell and countless rocks (or “heart rocks” as she calls them after finding a rock in the shape a heart and hearing me call it a “heart rock”).

Paris Bird

There was the moment we waited in a long line to get ice cream on ile st louis…and the reward we experienced when we tasted the cone with a scoop of pistachio and a scoop of coconut (I’m still dreaming of that ice cream and I think she is too).

There was the moment a young man asked if I wanted help carrying my stroller up the stairs in a metro station. I took the top of the stroller, he took the bottom, his friend faced my daughter and they sang to each other as we climbed 3 flights of stairs.

There was the moment when we first arrived and decided to head out to explore after a nap. We ended up at a boulangerie I used to frequent when I was last in Paris. We got a chausson aux pommes (just like I used to) and sat in the park where I used to journal. I shared my daughter’s first french pastry with her and remembered how 3 years ago I sat in that park and wrote about being ready to have a child and dreamed about my future baby.

There was the moment I walked along the Champs Elysee and felt this –

‘My heart has wings. Today it nearly flew right out of my chest. Or burst…but not in a bad way, in a “I don’t know how there is any more room in here, I’m so incredibly full!”‘

Paris Flowers

There was the moment I sat at the Rodin Museum a little disappointed because I wasn’t feeling well and some of the rooms weren’t open and my daughter looked at me, started laughing and took off down the path. She toddled along with her arms raised, she would look back to see if I was following and just laugh and laugh and laugh.

Paris Rodin Daphne

There was the moment we blew bubbles out of our apartment window and watched a group of school kids chase them below.

Paris Bubbles

There were so many moments where I connected to my senses, engaged with all the parts of Paris that I love and truly reconnected to who I am. And there were so many moments where I acknowledged my strength and learned new things about who I am and who I am becoming.


Paris Eiffel


Paris sky


Paris Street


Paris Sunset

As you go through your day, your week, your year – what moments can you savor? Even today, can you stop and really connect with what happened this morning or yesterday? There was the moment your child said something for the first time or your partner introduced you to a new food or someone said something really kind or you paused for 15 seconds and felt peace. There was the new pose in your yoga class or the new rose in bloom on your rose bush or the moment your dog nuzzled up next to you and exposed his belly for a scratch. There was the first sip of your morning coffee, dandelions blowing in the breeze or the ecstasy of clean sheets against your weary body. There were kisses (did you let yourself linger and lean in?) and laughter and maybe some tears.

Savoring your moments is different than clinging to them. You can live in the present and also savor what happened recently (or even a while ago). Savoring allows you to feel gratitude. It allows you to feel joy (and sometimes pain). It allows you the opportunity to honor the truth of your life.

Life is full of moments. Some are hard, some are beautiful, some are painful, some are joyful – all are fleeting.

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