Touch Yourself – For Your HEALTH

August 27th, 2014 by admin in health, Sexuality
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I’ve written about masturbation being healthy. I’ve shared that pleasure not only feels good, it is good for your body.

Here is another reason you should touch yourselfEarly detection of any lumps, bumps or changes in your body.

If you are in a relationship your partner may have the landscape of your body memorized. He may be able to notice if the mole on your thigh has grown or your breasts feel different or there is a bump on your labia.

What keeps you from recognizing the same things?

If you are adverse to touching yourself you might not detect changes that need to be addressed. If you avoid running your hands over your body you might be missing something that needs medical attention. If you are disconnected from your body you aren’t prioritizing your heath.

Looking in the mirror is one thing. It’s important to be able to see changes. It’s also important to feel your body in order to recognize changes. Some things might not be detected by your eyes.

Here are some helpful links –

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In addition to self exams, make your health a priority by regular visits to your doctor or health care provider.

Pleasure is a wonderful thing and it’s a lot easier to feel it and enjoy it when you are healthy!

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