Give Your Partner Your Presence

December 23rd, 2014 by admin in Communication, Holidays, Relationship
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Are you looking for the perfect present for your partner this holiday?

Give your partner your presence.

Give your partner your attention. Show up fully. Listen. Engage. Be supportive.

How do you feel connected in your relationship?

How do you know your partner is present or listening? How do you let your partner know you are listening?

It’s easy to get stressed out searching for the perfect gift. It’s easy to feel distracted by endless tasks and to do lists. It’s easy to coast through the holidays on autopilot. What about slowing down and connecting with your partner? What about giving the gift of your presence?

Here are some ways you can give your partner (or any loved one) your presence –

  • Put down your phone, turn off the tv or look away from your computer when he is talking.
  • Create a ritual together.
  • Give an experience – a trip, date, adventure.
  • Touch your partner with intention – instead of an absent-minded massage or lackluster foreplay, touch your partner with love and active awareness.
  • When talking, listen to your partner and validate her experience. John Gottman, suggests telling your partner what you heard her say and then adding, β€œIt makes sense you feel that way because ______________.”

Here are some other resources for this holiday season –

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Shower Your Partner with Love is a 3 week self-study e-course that will help you focus on your relationship and give your partner your presence.

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