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May 31, 2015

Turned On Living

sensual living

One of the reasons I love Paris so much is that I feel so alive when I’m there.

I’m connected to my pleasure. I’m enveloped in sensuality. I walk through the world and feel lit up and open-hearted. I notice. I see. I feel. I’m awake. I’m open to possibility.

I’m turned on.

And that energy continues when I get back home. I’m also able to harness it when I think about what I love most about my travels. I’m able to conjure that energy when I focus on pleasure and sensuality and living from a turned on place.

It’s not about sex (though sex from a turned on place is delicious).

Turned on living is more present. I am aware of and notice the beauty around me. When I’m disconnected or pulled in, I hurry through my day. I go from task to task. I eat my food without tasting it. I focus on doing and I rarely stop and breathe and listen.

Turned on living involves being in your body.

Turned on living leads with your heart and your guts.

It’s not reckless but it does involve risk.

Pleasure is a core value.

What excites you? What lights you up? What turns you on?

Are you living from that place?

What does life look like when you are turned on?

How do you walk down the street?

What do you eat?

What do you wear?

How do you spend your time?

Turned on living is deeply personal.

It might involved slow, sultry, sex that leaves you panting.

It could include a quiet walk in the woods at dawn or –

declarations that make you gasp.

vases filled with flowers and glasses filled with champagne.

an art project with your child.

a moonlit picnic.

dancing until your hair is wet and sticking to your face.

laughing until your tummy aches and your cheeks hurt.

using the good dishes, the special candles or wearing your fancy underwear “Just Because.”

bare feet in cool grass or hands plunged into warm dirt.

special time with friends.

quality time alone.

sun on your shoulders and wind in your hair.

adventure or introspection.

taking risks.

feeling your feelings.

doing what you love.

being present.

letting life feel good.

Living a turned on life means you are living your life to the fullest.

It could be quiet or loud, big or small.

It’s yours.

Turned on living is ALIVE living. It is active living. It is full of presence and possibility.

And it’s a choice you can make.

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May 27, 2015

Take a Sexy Selfie

sexy selfie

Take a sexy selfie…

and keep it to yourself!

So much of our personal experience is now shared publicly. We post pictures of our food, our clothing choices, our vacations, our experiences and ourselves. There is a lot about this that is wonderful! I’m inspired by other’s photos and adventures. I love seeing your joy and passion. And sometimes it’s easy to believe our lives pale in comparison.

It’s easy to think “real life” isn’t interesting enough. It’s easy to wash things out or pump them up with filters. It’s easy to be influenced by what others might think rather than what we think.

So I’m suggesting you take a smoking hot picture of yourself, just for you.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with you sharing your beauty with others. I just wonder what would happen if you saw yourself through your own eyes, unfiltered. Maybe you would let a certain part of your body stay in the picture, or you wouldn’t suck something in or push something else out. Maybe you would be able to see yourself as you are and see your true beauty.

Maybe how YOU feel and what YOU think is most important.

Maybe it doesn’t matter if others tell you you are sexy.

Maybe what really matters is that you see it yourself.

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May 6, 2015

Turned On: awaken your want and dare to desire

Turned On FINAL sans dates - lorez

TURNED ON: awaken your want and dare to desire

A course devoted to pleasure and creation, intimacy with ourselves and connection with the world.

Because it is all connected, and some part of us knows this, always.

Because it just may be possible that what you seek is also seeking you.

Because you’ve been asleep, or you set aside those parts of you that were hungry for experience and expression, and now everything inside you is restless to wake up and be turned on to life, the ecstatic and the voluptuous and the clarity in moments when it is just you and the morning and the quiet and you know the names that live just beneath your skin.

Because you want to know what it would look like and feel like for your sensuality to belong to your spirituality instead of severed into two separate selves.

Because asking, just taking the risk and asking for what we want, is not something we are taught how to do, and it might feel really good to have a place to practice and play with what it feels like on the tongue and in your heart and the sound of your own voice coming out clear while you are celebrated for daring to desire.

Because the answer just might be yes.

Because intimacy is about a way of being in relationship with life herself, turned on to the vibrations of creativity, erotic and messy and glorious.

Because it feels like this moment may be your moment, the one where there is no more waiting,

and you begin.

Let’s ignite the spark, heed the hunger and dive into desire.

Let’s practice and play together.

Two weeks of immersion into beauty and substance,

provocations of imagination

and real life ways to explore your own awakening,

diving into the uncharted territories of our own true want.


awaken the want and dare to desire

January 4th – January 17th, 2016

Together we will be:

Listening to our desire, from the center and out to the edges.
Learning how to ask for what we want, and practicing in community.
Connecting to pleasure and what feels good, and how this infuses our offerings and informs our loving.
Taking risks and claiming our truths.
Honoring the body’s language and welcoming her wisdom.
Heating things up in the daring desires and the daily rituals, so whether we are walking down the street on our way to work or stepping into a new love affair or showing up for the art that has our deepest devotion, we are, in every way, turned on to life.

How it works:

• The course is two weeks, with devotion and desire coming straight to your inbox Mondays-Fridays.

Content includes writing, video and audio recordings from both Julie and Isabel. There will be prompts for reflection and contemplation, exercises and experiments to play with, and questions to contemplate in your own process. It’s like a combination of a beautiful treasure hunt, a long love letter, and a permission slip to get curious and learn what works for you in your own awakening.

There will also be a private facebook group for those who want to come explore and practice together.

We get to enter into these adventures with the support of others walking through their own doors of discovery, where we come together to experience the power in our own desire, the freedom to want what we want, and the practice of communicating with clarity to those we love and the wider world. Here, turned on, co-creating with life force.

When you are turned on to life, it’s not just your sex that is saucier. Life itself expands. Passion is ignited. The experience of being here, awake in the world, is true intimacy. Let’s create a place to experiment and explore, to get naked with ourselves and walk awake and unbound, into the living.


Isabel and Julie


awaken the want and dare to desire

January 4th – January 17th, 2016


Registration is currently closed.

Julie Jeske

Julie Jeske
I am a sex therapist who helps clients increase intimacy, passion, sexual satisfaction and pleasure so they can develop a deeper connection with self or others.

My goal is to help demystify sex. I want to bring sex out of the shadows and into the living room. Let’s shine a light on sexuality and intimacy so they are no longer big scary things, but rather something that everyone feels they can embrace and enjoy.

isabel abbott profile pic

Isabel Abbott

I am a writer, artist and activist.

Fallen in love with solid ground, with belonging to the body and the holiness of hunger, I write and speak on the sacred and profane, on choosing wholeness.

With a professional background as a birth and death doula, a sex educator and an embodiment and movement workshop facilitator, I work with those crossing thresholds, questioning their gods, wrestling with their love, grieving and dying into life.