The Pleasure Project

August 25th, 2015 by admin in Class, Pleasure, Self-care, Self-love
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pleasure project

When I gather with women or lead a retreat or e-course I often hear, “Yes! This feels so good. This is how I want to feel in my life. But how do I keep it going? What happens when life gets busy?”

I feel the same thing when I spend time with people I love or when I travel. “Yes! This is what I want! How do I keep this going when I have to go back to work or I’m trying to walk two dogs and a preschooler or I’m under-rested and overcommitted?”

How can I prolong this pleasurable feeling?

Pleasure is one of my core-values, but that doesn’t mean it always comes easily. I feel strongly that my life is exponentially better when I’m engaged with my pleasure, but I still have to work at it. I have to bring myself back to pleasure over and over again. ¬†It takes commitment. I choose pleasure again and again.

When I’m in Paris, pleasure is on my radar. It’s everywhere. It’s easy.

paris pleasure Collage

So I asked myself, how I can make pleasure easier here? How can I get pleasure on my radar?

That’s when I came up with the Pleasure Project.

Imagine someone helping you embrace pleasure every single day!

How it works –

Sign up and you will receive 30 Days of Pleasure Prompts! Once you register, you will receive an email every day for 30 days.

A month of emails delivered directly to you that will help you plug into your pleasure.

Each email will focus on a different facet of pleasure.

We’ll explore –

Simple pleasure

Pleasure and Sensuality

Giving Yourself Permission for Pleasure

Pleasure in the Mundane

Pleasure in Play

Dressing with Pleasure

Finding Pleasure in Your Work

Pleasure for Your Body

Pleasure for Your Heart

and more…

Your emails will include stories, video, audio, activities and ideas for you to explore. They are designed to inspire and also be a catalyst for you to become more active with your pleasure.

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Who is this class for –

Anyone who is ready to feel more pleasure.

It doesn’t matter if –

you are in a relationship or single.

you are super busy or a have a lot of time.

you are a parent or don’t have children.

you have a lot of extra money or you struggle to make ends meet.

you are shy and private or very outgoing.

Pleasure is for everyone. And this class is accessible for anyone.

I’m making it simple. Pleasure doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive or time consuming.

Pleasure can be overlooked. The Pleasure Project is not only an invitation to bring more pleasure into your life it is also going to show you places pleasure already exists and help you slow down and savor it.

I’m also making it affordable. For $30 you get 30 emails about pleasure! And each email will be full of information, activities and tangible things you can do to enjoy more pleasure in your life!

Pleasure takes practice. That’s why The Pleasure Project is a full 30 days. I want us to see what it’s like when we show up to pleasure again and again. Pleasure takes commitment. The Pleasure Project will encourage you to commit to your pleasure, honor your pleasure and prioritize your pleasure. Pleasure is fun. Yes, this a class, but oh my, it’s going to be so much fun! You are worthy of pleasure and enjoyment!

How would your life be different if you were reminded of pleasure and encouraged to enjoy it?

I’m going to commit to 30 days of pleasure and I hope you will join me.

Purchase the class below. Make sure you enter your email address so I know where to send your daily pleasure lessons.

I am so excited to see how our lives expand when we embrace pleasure! Let’s create a pleasure movement!

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