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December 27, 2015

What Turns You On?


What turns you on?

What excites you?

What warms your body? What makes your breath change and your chest flush?

What arouses you?

We put a lot of attention on desire. I hear from many people who are experiencing low desire. People talk about wanting to feel more desire or experience desire in a different way. What about arousal?

It’s easy to focus on desire and just stop there. I don’t feel the desire to have sex so I’m going to stop thinking about sex. I’m just going to write it off.

Here’s the thing –

If you know what turns you on, you will have a greater desire for sex.

If you know what excites you, you will be more interested in sex.

If you know what arouses you, sex is more appealing.

So what turns you on?

If you aren’t sure, focus on sensuality. What excites your senses? What do you like to see, hear, smell, taste or touch?

Pleasure is also a pathway to arousal. What feels good? What makes your breath deepen or your pulse quicken? What entices you to roll your hips or arch your back? How do you want to be kissed, licked, caressed or held?

If you aren’t sure, spend some time getting to know your body. Or focus on foreplay with a partner, what warms you up and invites you to say, “Yes!”

And know that what turns you on can change. So be curious. Explore. Stay connected to your body, your pleasure and your arousal.

You can also cultivate arousal out of the bedroom. What excites you about life? What turns you on? My post – Turned On Living my interest you.

December 22, 2015

Give Experiences, Make Memories

Photo by Jody Grenier

Photo by Jody Grenier

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Everywhere I go people are wishing me happy holidays and Merry Christmas. People seem extra warm and cheery. Kids are buzzing with the anticipation of opening presents. And if they are lucky, parents are taking pauses and breaths and soaking it all in rather than racing and and missing it.

Fast forward to a few days after the holiday. The gifts have been opening. The trash can is overflowing with wrapping paper. And you are surrounded by things you may not want or need.

I love giving gift and I love receiving them too. I’m also at a place where I no longer want things just to have them. Can you relate? Of course there are things that make my life easier or bring beauty or tickle me. There are things I value. These days, however, I’m more interested in experiences. It looks like I’m not alone in this. Right now there is so much information out there about getting rid of clutter and simplifying your life. There is also some very interesting research about our brains and happiness and experiences being more meaningful to us (and memorable) than material belongings.

If you are interested in giving experiences this holiday season, here are some places you can start.

Give a Membership or Subscription

A membership to a museum, dance company, rock climbing gym, state park, etc. Every time the recipient uses the membership they will think of you!

Give a Service

You can offer your services (i.e. make a coupon book with various tasks you are offering to do: childcare, help with cleaning or vehicle maintenance, etc). Or you can purchases services. Hire someone to help declutter (this won’t go over very well if the decluttering is more for you than it is for the recipient). Hire someone to help with shopping, cooking or a makeover (If the makeover isn’t on the receiver’s wish list, this could be received as an insult). Give a massage. Choose a service that will make life easier or lovelier.

Give Your Presence

Show up. Tune in. Be present.

Plan a Getaway

Whether it’s just an overnight, or a week vacation; plan a special experience. You will give the gift of anticipation as you approach the getaway, the actual getaway will be a gift and then you get the added gift of the memories you will look back on after the event.

Give an Event

A concert, a night at a special restaurant, a sporting event, etc. Find something that will really resonate with the person receiving your gift. Psst Pleasure in Paris counts as a getaway and an event! And a super special holiday gift!!!

Give Education

A language class, a dance class, a cooking class, etc. You can purchase something the receiver does on their own or you do together. I offer 6 different self-study classes. And they are currently 25% off! Use code – holiday25 – at check out.

If your wish list has a lot of “things” on it, that is OK. It’s also possible to think outside the traditional gift box and asking for some experiences or give the gift of memories.

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December 18, 2015

Why Paris?

Fifteen years ago I flew from Los Angeles to London and joined my friend (who flew from New York to London) for an adventure. We hadn’t seen each other in a couple years and both really wanted to travel. We lived on opposite sides of the US and decided to meet in London, spend some time there and then fly to Paris together.

London was lovely.

Paris is where I fell in love with myself.

eiffel rose

I woke up. I tuned in. I blossomed.

And that continues to happen every time return to Paris.

I’ve gone with with a partner. I’ve gone there as a single mom with a 20 month old toddler. I’ve gone there with a good friend and our young daughters. And every time, I expand. I light up. I love my life more.

Every time I’ve gone  I’ve been a different version of myself. My life has been different. Yet, I still comeback to the version of Julie that I love so much. In Paris, I slow down. I make time for pleasure and beauty. I let myself be seen. I connect to my feminine power.

So why Paris?

Because it is the place I feel most alive. It is the place that instantly brings me into a pleasure position and a receiving position.

I love being a woman. I love it even more in Paris.

I love pleasure. Pleasure is undeniable in Paris.

I love sensuality. I embody sensuality in Paris.

We could do this anywhere. We could gather and explore pleasure and sensuality and luscious living.

But why not do it in Paris?

Why not have a life changing and memorable experience in a life changing and memorable place?

Why not amplify the beauty, the pleasure, the sensuality, the vibrancy, the lusciousness of the experience?

Why not gather and connect with other passionate women, explore these themes together, and then have time to explore Paris?

Why not do it while drinking wine and eating a croissant aux amandes?

Why not come to Paris, let someone else take care of the details about where you will stay and plan adventures for you and then you get to just engage, indulge and have a ball?

Why not Paris?

There is still space in my Pleasure in Paris retreat this spring. Learn more about it here.

Come to Paris with me. It will change your life.

December 12, 2015

Share Your Love

There seems to be a lot of pain, sadness and heartache in the world right now. And it’s easy to get overwhelmed, get angry, feel sad, feel helpless. And all of those things are OK. I’ve also been thinking about what I can do right now and what I want to do right now in response.

I’m blessed to know some amazing people who are showing up in so many loving ways. I’m hearing about friends who are writing love notes with her kids and leaving these notes on cars in parking lots (how great is that??? Especially right now. Go to the mall, and leave love notes for all of the exhausted and stressed out holiday shoppers. Let them know they are not alone in this world). I have friends who are putting together bags of food and essentials and giving them out to homeless people. People are showing up with love. Even when they are hurting. Even when they are scared.

When I feel sad, when I feel scared, when I feel overwhelmed; I want to know that I’m not alone. Do you feel that too? The desire to be connected. the yearning to feel close. The sweet warmth that comes when someone tells you, “I’m thinking of you“.

One of the ways I’m trying to spread more love into the word is by sending out one love note in the mail every week for the next 55 weeks. I’m doing this with my daughter. We made gratitude cards this Thanksgiving. She painted them and I wrote a little message. We had a fun time making them and we received such loving response to them, so we are going to do it again and again and again. I’m sure you’ve had the experience of the right text, or letter or email or words coming at the right time. We are hoping to be that for someone. It’s a small thing. But it’s a thing we can do easily and with joy in our hearts.

Love Notes

I know that with all the hate and unrest in the world now, that there is more to be done. I also know that love begets love. I know that what you put your attention on amplifies. So I’m starting with love.

How are you sharing your love in the word?

“It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.” Eleanor Roosevelt

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