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August 29, 2016

Self Acceptance is an act of love

self acceptance as an act of love

Photo by Stacy De La Rosa

Are there parts of yourself you have a hard time loving?

Does your inner critic insist that you need to be better, smarter, thinner, kinder or more attractive?

Do you tell yourself once you lose the weight or find your mate or get your dream job – that THEN you will be able to love yourself?

Self acceptance is an act of love.

Acceptance doesn’t mean giving up. It is not resignation or forfeiture.

You can want to change or shift or grow and still love and accept yourself.

You can strive for more and also accept yourself. You can love yourself and want more. You can love yourself and want to change.

In fact, you are more likely to grow and shift and change and expand when you are operating from a base of love.

Self acceptance doesn’t mean pretending to love yourself or pretending you are excited about something that you want to be different.

Acceptance is an acknowledgement.

Acceptance is unconditional love.

It is surrender.

It’s a full exhale.

It’s an honoring of who you are and what is true.

Self acceptance is an act of love.

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August 17, 2016

Look between your legs with love

Ladies, when it the last time you looked between your legs?

self exam

For starters, when is the last time you gave yourself a self-exam? One of the ways you can love yourself and advocate for your health is by taking care of your genital health. Look at the tissue of your genitals, notice any lumps or bumps or changes. Get familiar with your body.

Here is a resource if you would like help with a vaginal exam.

Now that you know how to give yourself an “exam,” how about looking at your body with love?

I’ve spoken with so many women who¬†don’t know what their own bodies look like.

I’ve spoken with so many women who feel “grossed out” or uncomfortable with their genitals.

I’ve spoken with so many women who have an aversion to their own bodies.

The more familiar you are with your body, the more likely you will be able to track any changes that need attention. AND the more you look at your body with love and gratitude, the more pleasure you will be able to feel.

Can you look at your body without criticism or trying to compare it to other bodies? (especially bodies that might be photoshopped or altered?)

Look at the curves and colors and beauty. Notice how things respond or change as you touch yourself. Try to interrupt your inner critic and send love to all your lady parts. Whisper, “I love you” “You are beautiful” or “Thank you” as you gaze at your body. It may feel silly at first, but it is an act of self love and kindness.

How you feel about your body affects your sex life and your capacity for pleasure. How you feel about your body affects more than that, it affects how you show up in the world.

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You might also like to join my private Facebook group – Sensuous Woman. It’s a private space for women to talk about sensuality, sexuality, body love and being a woman.

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