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November 1, 2020

The Pleasure and Presence Series 

The Pleasure and Presence Series 

with Julie Jeske and Nikki Weaver


Join us for a 12 week series beginning November 8th.
Things are hard right now. So many of us are struggling..feeling overwhelmed….feeling isolated…feeling a bit hopeless.
We know that it’s easy to feel disheartened or to want to numb out or climb under the covers for the next few months.
We want to connect with you during this time. We want to gather (virtually) and share and support each other and even look for ways we can find pleasureand joy amidst the heaviness. Pleasure builds resilience. And in order to feel pleasure we have to show up, be present and feel what is true.
For 3 years we have been gathering with women to explore what it means to live vibrantly and with an open heart. We know that we need this work now more than ever. For 12 weeks we will help you connect to your heart and your body, be present, explore pleasure and you know we’ll bring a little sass humor to the mix too!
For twelve weeks you will hear from us every week with tips, tools, lessons and practices. 

Once a month you’ll join us for a live three hour Zoom session (connection, movement, and meaning).

Here’s what you get:
-a weekly email full of pleasure practices, and a meditation or movement sequence to bring you into more moments of presence in your body, mind, and heart. We will tailor the messages each week to meet the needs of the specific space and time we are in and the specific group we are gathering with. That means it will be tailored to YOUR wants and needs.
-a monthly 3 hour Zoom session to join us in real time as we focus on process, decompressing, and how to integrate pleasure and presence into our lives during challenging times (covid, the election, the approaching holidays, and preparing for 2021). We will walk the talk and level with you, share with you, and offer self care, wellness, and healthy creative habits that have allowed us to become more resilient.
-a small community to connect with during our monthly class. In addition to Nikki’s yoga and Julie’s lesson there will be time and space to share and connect with others in the groups
-something to look forward to. One of the things we keep hearing from other people (and feeling ourselves) is a lack of something fun on the horizon. Every month you will have half of a Saturday that is YOURS. Every week you will have questions to explore, practices to try and themes to integrate into your own life.

While we’ve been doing this work together for 4 years, we’ve been in our individual fields for a decade and a half. We have so much we want to share with you. We are passionate about the work we do, the relationships we create and the world we live in.

A few more details – 

Cost: $450 (9 hours of live content, weekly emails, monthly yoga).
Live online classes meet on Saturday’s from 9am-noon Pacific on November 21, December 19, and January 16, 2021.
We are keeping the group intimate with a minimum of 7 and maximum of 15 women.
12 weeks of pleasure and presence. 12 weeks of prioritizing yourself. 12 weeks of connecting with others. 12 weeks of movement and self-care. It’s going to be so, so good!
Registration is closed.