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February 26, 2020

Vibrant Living

vibrant living

What makes you feel alive?

What replenishes you and fills you up?

Are you living a life that energizes and excites you?

With everything going on in the world and so many things competing for our time and energy it’s easy to feel depleted. It’s easy to just go through the motions. But so many of us are wanting more. So many of us are wanting to feel more vitality, more joy, more connection…

Nikki Weaver and I are excited to announce our next one day retreat for women –

Vibrant Living

Together we will explore self-care, passion, pleasure and joy.

You’ll leave feeling nourished and connected and with a plan for living your own vibrant life!

Nikki will be leading us in yoga in the morning and movement or meditation in the afternoon.

I’ll be asking questions and leading exercises to explore pleasure, passion, presence and getting clear about what you want in your life.

There will be time to share, to listen, to reflect and to connect with other women.

For lunch we’ll walk to a local restaurant to socialize and sit with each other in community.

We are so excited about this offering!

Nikki and I have been exploring what it means to live with presence, pleasure and purpose in our own lives. We are committed to living vibrant lives. Our last Vibrant Living Retreat was in Italy and we’ve received numerous requests to gather with women in Portland too. 

Here are Some Logistics –

April 18th 10am-4pm

The retreat is limited to 12 women

The location is NE Portland. We will send you the address after you register.

The cost is $150

(lunch at a local restaurant is included)

This is our only Portland retreat scheduled for 2020. Join us for a day of nourishment and connection!

December 20, 2019

Come to Italy with me!

Join me and Nikki Weaver for a luscious and life-changing retreat in our own Tuscan Villa!


Vibrant Living – A Woman’s Retreat in Italy!

September 5-12, 2020


As you stand in the crystalline water you look to your right and see a friend reading a book on a lounge chair. To the left you see a trio of women doing yoga in the grass. You pause and notice the way the water feels against your skin. You move your hands, skimming the surface of the pool, drinking in the sensuality of the moment. A slight breeze makes the hair on the back of your neck dance around. You hear laughter in the distance and lift your face toward the sun feeling the heat warm your cheeks.

You pause and drink it all in before going back to your room to get ready for dinner. When you arrive at the table, you are greeted you with a hug and a glass of wine. You pass dishes of colorful and nourishing food as you talk about your day and the previous week. You talk about the adventures, the breakthroughs, the things you’ve learned, the gelato, the pleasure and the sacred moments. You look around the room and see each of these beautiful women lit up from the inside. You close your eyes and capture this moment. You want to bring this back home with you. You want to remember how alive you feel. You want to remember how beautiful you are. You want to remember this trip and all of the ways you have awakened and embraced pleasure.

Are you ready to feel good? Really, really good?

  • Are you ready for sensual living?

  • Are you ready to move your body in ways that feel enlivening?

  • Are you ready for delicious food?

  • Are you ready to name and honor what you want?

  • Are you ready to feel in love with yourself and with your life?

  • Are you ready for travel, adventure and transformative experiences?

  • Are you ready to gather in Italy with a group of wonderful women and embrace pleasure, presence and luscious living?

Why Pleasure?

Life is hard. It can be exhausting. As women we are often pulled in many directions and trying to do it all (and do it perfectly). Often your wants and needs and desire are not only put on the back burner, they are buried. There are too many other things competing for your time and attention.

Pleasure is “a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.” When you connect to that satisfaction and enjoyment, the rest of life is easier. When you engage with pleasure you bring richness, vibrancy and joy into your life. Pleasure fills your bucket and gives you energy. Pleasure feels good. It lights us up.

This retreat is for women who –

  • Are ready to focus on their own pleasure and enjoyment

  • Are looking to be inspired

  • Want to move their bodies in a way that feels good and be fully embodied

  • Want to connect with other delightful women in a meaningful way

  • Are committed to honoring themselves

  • Are ready to let their light shine, feel great and live a life they truly love!

What you will experience

  • Daily yoga lead by Nikki

  • Daily workshops with Julie – We will explore pleasure, sensuality, honoring our wants and needs, passion, open-hearted living, and more. Workshops will include: education, inspiration and space for sharing and dialogue with the group. Magic happens when you get a group of women together. It’s in the space of a group that we learn we are not alone. It’s in the space of a group that you can really be seen and understood.

  • Excursions to attractions in Tuscany (wine tasting, an afternoon in Lucca, cooking lessons, and more)

  • Free time to relax at our private villa (enjoy the pool, the many indoor and outdoor sitting areas, or explore the countryside)

  • Time with an intimate group of women where you can talk about your experience and what you want in your life (this retreat is limited to 14 women)

You can read more about the retreat (and all the delicious details) here!

Gathering on retreat isn’t about escaping your life. We gather in this beautiful location as a way to pause, center, fill up and then bring that luscious energy back to our lives. Our goal is that you will leave this retreat feeling nourished, engaged, inspired and Vibrant!

March 5, 2014

Have You Forgotten Who You Are?

Remember Yourself

Where do you fit in with the rest of your life?

Do you place your energy and time elsewhere?

Are you busy taking care of children or attending to a partner or focusing on family or working yourself to exhaustion?

Even if you do end up with a bit of free time, do you struggle with how to spend it?  Can you really justify lounging on the couch, walking in the sunshine or taking an art class when there are so many “shoulds” to do?

Or when gifted with time, do you even wonder HOW to spend it?  Have you forgotten what you like?  Have you forgotten who you are?

As a mama and a business owner, I know it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle.  You are scheduling things for you child, attending to her needs and scheduling things for your business and making sure it moves along…but what about yourself?

Are you confusing what you “do” with who you “are”? Who are YOU?

If you’ve forgotten who you are, here are some things that may help you remember.

  • Play – For real. Laugh, sing, dance, play.
  • JournalWrite it out. How do you feel? What do you want? What do you like? Who are you?
  • Collage – Create! Thumb through magazines and pull images that speak to you.  Ask yourself who you are as you turn the pages and see what speaks to you.  Put the images on paper and place your collage somewhere you can see it and remember.
  • Connect to your body – What feels good? What excites you? What nurtures you? What replenishes you? Be in your body.
  • Slow down – Breathe, take a bath, take a walk, do some yoga, sit.
  • Ask someone you trust – “How do you see me?” or “I’m feeling really overwhelmed (or tired or depleted) and I’m forgetting who I am. Can you remind me?”

I also like to gather in a sacred circle or with a group of women.  An evening with my closest friends reminds me of who I am.  I also feel very connected to myself and who I am when I’m in Paris (not something I can do all the time, but it helps to know if you have a place that reminds you of who you are).

The things that remind me of who I am are different than things that just make me feel good.  All of the above make me feel good too…but they go deeper than just joy or self-care.

Make your own list. What reminds you of who you are?  How can you stay connected so you don’t forget yourself?  Do you need to reprioritize?

If you need a little support, my  class, “Shower Yourself with Love” will help you remember who you are and turn up the volume on self-love!

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February 11, 2013

DIY Love

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

How will you celebrate?

Are you stressed about finding the right gift, not having enough money or not quite knowing how to express your love?

How about an easy (and loving) homemade gift?

Create a Memory Jar or Love Bowl for your partner.

My siblings and I created a memory jar for my parents this Christmas.

We wrote down our favorite memories, things we love about them and things we appreciate.  We cut those into small pieces of paper, put them in a jar and added a ribbon.

The finished project looked like this and gave them fun memories to read about and share.

memory jar

You can do a variation on the memory jar by filling it with things you love about your partner, things for which you are grateful or loving quotes.  You can use a pretty bowl, a nice basket or any other container to house your sweet sentiments.

This is an inexpensive and meaningful way to make your valentine feels special.

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June 9, 2011

Sex and Creativity – 2 Life Forces. A Video Postcard from the Musee D’Orsay.

Oh  Musee D’Orsay!

D'Orsay web

I wish I had been allowed to take pictures of the wonderful art and lighting and architecture inside.  Here is a video from the official site that will give you an idea.

When I left the museum I felt energized.  I started to think of art and creativity and sexuality.  I think sexuality and creativity are in the same family and I made a  video postcard to explain what I mean.

When I finished my video, I crossed the Seine to head to my metro station and found these love padlocks.

Love locks web

Paris is a city that is alive with art, creativity, sexuality and romance!  You don’t have to come to Paris (although I do recommend it) to wake up your sexual or creative life force.  Try going to your local museum, spending some time in a art supply store or even watching a movie that inspires (or titillates you).

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