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December 20, 2019

Come to Italy with me!

Join me and Nikki Weaver for a luscious and life-changing retreat in our own Tuscan Villa!


Vibrant Living – A Woman’s Retreat in Italy!

September 5-12, 2020


As you stand in the crystalline water you look to your right and see a friend reading a book on a lounge chair. To the left you see a trio of women doing yoga in the grass. You pause and notice the way the water feels against your skin. You move your hands, skimming the surface of the pool, drinking in the sensuality of the moment. A slight breeze makes the hair on the back of your neck dance around. You hear laughter in the distance and lift your face toward the sun feeling the heat warm your cheeks.

You pause and drink it all in before going back to your room to get ready for dinner. When you arrive at the table, you are greeted you with a hug and a glass of wine. You pass dishes of colorful and nourishing food as you talk about your day and the previous week. You talk about the adventures, the breakthroughs, the things you’ve learned, the gelato, the pleasure and the sacred moments. You look around the room and see each of these beautiful women lit up from the inside. You close your eyes and capture this moment. You want to bring this back home with you. You want to remember how alive you feel. You want to remember how beautiful you are. You want to remember this trip and all of the ways you have awakened and embraced pleasure.

Are you ready to feel good? Really, really good?

  • Are you ready for sensual living?

  • Are you ready to move your body in ways that feel enlivening?

  • Are you ready for delicious food?

  • Are you ready to name and honor what you want?

  • Are you ready to feel in love with yourself and with your life?

  • Are you ready for travel, adventure and transformative experiences?

  • Are you ready to gather in Italy with a group of wonderful women and embrace pleasure, presence and luscious living?

Why Pleasure?

Life is hard. It can be exhausting. As women we are often pulled in many directions and trying to do it all (and do it perfectly). Often your wants and needs and desire are not only put on the back burner, they are buried. There are too many other things competing for your time and attention.

Pleasure is “a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.” When you connect to that satisfaction and enjoyment, the rest of life is easier. When you engage with pleasure you bring richness, vibrancy and joy into your life. Pleasure fills your bucket and gives you energy. Pleasure feels good. It lights us up.

This retreat is for women who –

  • Are ready to focus on their own pleasure and enjoyment

  • Are looking to be inspired

  • Want to move their bodies in a way that feels good and be fully embodied

  • Want to connect with other delightful women in a meaningful way

  • Are committed to honoring themselves

  • Are ready to let their light shine, feel great and live a life they truly love!

What you will experience

  • Daily yoga lead by Nikki

  • Daily workshops with Julie – We will explore pleasure, sensuality, honoring our wants and needs, passion, open-hearted living, and more. Workshops will include: education, inspiration and space for sharing and dialogue with the group. Magic happens when you get a group of women together. It’s in the space of a group that we learn we are not alone. It’s in the space of a group that you can really be seen and understood.

  • Excursions to attractions in Tuscany (wine tasting, an afternoon in Lucca, cooking lessons, and more)

  • Free time to relax at our private villa (enjoy the pool, the many indoor and outdoor sitting areas, or explore the countryside)

  • Time with an intimate group of women where you can talk about your experience and what you want in your life (this retreat is limited to 14 women)

You can read more about the retreat (and all the delicious details) here!

Gathering on retreat isn’t about escaping your life. We gather in this beautiful location as a way to pause, center, fill up and then bring that luscious energy back to our lives. Our goal is that you will leave this retreat feeling nourished, engaged, inspired and Vibrant!

December 18, 2015

Why Paris?

Fifteen years ago I flew from Los Angeles to London and joined my friend (who flew from New York to London) for an adventure. We hadn’t seen each other in a couple years and both really wanted to travel. We lived on opposite sides of the US and decided to meet in London, spend some time there and then fly to Paris together.

London was lovely.

Paris is where I fell in love with myself.

eiffel rose

I woke up. I tuned in. I blossomed.

And that continues to happen every time return to Paris.

I’ve gone with with a partner. I’ve gone there as a single mom with a 20 month old toddler. I’ve gone there with a good friend and our young daughters. And every time, I expand. I light up. I love my life more.

Every time I’ve gone  I’ve been a different version of myself. My life has been different. Yet, I still comeback to the version of Julie that I love so much. In Paris, I slow down. I make time for pleasure and beauty. I let myself be seen. I connect to my feminine power.

So why Paris?

Because it is the place I feel most alive. It is the place that instantly brings me into a pleasure position and a receiving position.

I love being a woman. I love it even more in Paris.

I love pleasure. Pleasure is undeniable in Paris.

I love sensuality. I embody sensuality in Paris.

We could do this anywhere. We could gather and explore pleasure and sensuality and luscious living.

But why not do it in Paris?

Why not have a life changing and memorable experience in a life changing and memorable place?

Why not amplify the beauty, the pleasure, the sensuality, the vibrancy, the lusciousness of the experience?

Why not gather and connect with other passionate women, explore these themes together, and then have time to explore Paris?

Why not do it while drinking wine and eating a croissant aux amandes?

Why not come to Paris, let someone else take care of the details about where you will stay and plan adventures for you and then you get to just engage, indulge and have a ball?

Why not Paris?

There is still space in my Pleasure in Paris retreat this spring. Learn more about it here.

Come to Paris with me. It will change your life.

June 18, 2015

50% off all PDFs – Save The Date!

Save the Date – From Friday, June 26th at 5pm EST – Monday, June 29th at 12pm EST you can purchase any of my Self-Study PDF’s for 50% off!

We are nearing the halfway mark of 2015. In the beginning of the year it’s easy to have momentum and excitement about change and focusing on yourself. I want to make it easy for you to honor your commitment to yourself and your relationship – now is a great time to honor your relationshiprelease shame, discover your sexual desire, connect with your body or focus on self-love.

blossom risk

I love helping women create a deeper connection with themselves and with their partners. These classes are a wonderful way to explore intimacy and cultivate pleasure.  Visit my class page June 26th – June 29th and purchase any of my e-courses for 50% off!

May 31, 2015

Turned On Living

sensual living

One of the reasons I love Paris so much is that I feel so alive when I’m there.

I’m connected to my pleasure. I’m enveloped in sensuality. I walk through the world and feel lit up and open-hearted. I notice. I see. I feel. I’m awake. I’m open to possibility.

I’m turned on.

And that energy continues when I get back home. I’m also able to harness it when I think about what I love most about my travels. I’m able to conjure that energy when I focus on pleasure and sensuality and living from a turned on place.

It’s not about sex (though sex from a turned on place is delicious).

Turned on living is more present. I am aware of and notice the beauty around me. When I’m disconnected or pulled in, I hurry through my day. I go from task to task. I eat my food without tasting it. I focus on doing and I rarely stop and breathe and listen.

Turned on living involves being in your body.

Turned on living leads with your heart and your guts.

It’s not reckless but it does involve risk.

Pleasure is a core value.

What excites you? What lights you up? What turns you on?

Are you living from that place?

What does life look like when you are turned on?

How do you walk down the street?

What do you eat?

What do you wear?

How do you spend your time?

Turned on living is deeply personal.

It might involved slow, sultry, sex that leaves you panting.

It could include a quiet walk in the woods at dawn or –

declarations that make you gasp.

vases filled with flowers and glasses filled with champagne.

an art project with your child.

a moonlit picnic.

dancing until your hair is wet and sticking to your face.

laughing until your tummy aches and your cheeks hurt.

using the good dishes, the special candles or wearing your fancy underwear “Just Because.”

bare feet in cool grass or hands plunged into warm dirt.

special time with friends.

quality time alone.

sun on your shoulders and wind in your hair.

adventure or introspection.

taking risks.

feeling your feelings.

doing what you love.

being present.

letting life feel good.

Living a turned on life means you are living your life to the fullest.

It could be quiet or loud, big or small.

It’s yours.

Turned on living is ALIVE living. It is active living. It is full of presence and possibility.

And it’s a choice you can make.

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May 30, 2014

Savoring Your Moments

Life is full of moments. Some are hard, some are beautiful, some are painful, some are joyful – all are fleeting.

I’m back in Portland after 2 weeks in Paris. If you had asked me how the trip was during journey I would have had a different response every day. At 3 in the morning when we had been up for hours I would have said it was hard or exhausting. When my daughter walked under the Eiffel Tower focusing on the ground and collecting rocks instead of the noticing the monument I would have said it was surprising. When I was charged a ridiculous amount for a ride from the airport I would have said it was frustrating. When met new friends (who happen to also live in Portland) and watched our daughters play in the sand together I would have said it was connecting. When I was walking in my neighborhood, soaking up the cobblestone, flower-filled balconies, and watching people at cafes I would have said it was perfect.

Paris balconies

Now as I look back on the trip as a whole, it’s true parts were hard, it’s also true that it was one of the most important things I’ve done. I traveled to Europe with a 2 year old. I faced fears, I embraced joy, I engaged my senses – I realized how strong I am. I learned and experienced so much!

The last day of the trip it felt like everything was going wrong. There were so many obstacles and I had such high hopes for the day. There was a moment when I wondered, “Why did I do this?” I heard all of the voices of people who suggested my daughter was too young to enjoy it, it would be too much for me or too expensive or I should wait. And for a few hours I bought into those voices. I wrote in my journal about how hard it was and about all of the things I didn’t get to do that I had wanted to do. The next morning I carried all of our luggage down 2 flights of stairs, climbed into a taxi with my daughter and watched the Paris landscape disappear as we drove to the airport. I piled our suitcase, the pack ‘n play, her stroller and my laptop bag on a cart, picked up my sleeping baby in my other arm and rolled the luggage cart around the airport. I practiced my french as I asked someone where to check-in. As I turned to find the correct desk, I stopped and I was overcome by such a sense of pride. I stood in the middle of Charles De Gaulle airport, arms aching from the weight of my baby, as people from other countries hurried around me and I felt so strong and so content. On the flight home all of the joy and excitement and passion and adventure came flooding back. I was able to sit and enjoy the memory of some magical moments.

It’s so important to feel what we are feeling. I needed to acknowledge the hard and let myself feel the disappointment about the last day. As I feel my feelings they move through me and I can truly savor all of the special moments from my trip (and my life).

There was the moment we were out to coffee and my daughter pointed up above and said “tweet tweet” and I saw a trapped bird. On the way home from that cafe we found a snail shell and countless rocks (or “heart rocks” as she calls them after finding a rock in the shape a heart and hearing me call it a “heart rock”).

Paris Bird

There was the moment we waited in a long line to get ice cream on ile st louis…and the reward we experienced when we tasted the cone with a scoop of pistachio and a scoop of coconut (I’m still dreaming of that ice cream and I think she is too).

There was the moment a young man asked if I wanted help carrying my stroller up the stairs in a metro station. I took the top of the stroller, he took the bottom, his friend faced my daughter and they sang to each other as we climbed 3 flights of stairs.

There was the moment when we first arrived and decided to head out to explore after a nap. We ended up at a boulangerie I used to frequent when I was last in Paris. We got a chausson aux pommes (just like I used to) and sat in the park where I used to journal. I shared my daughter’s first french pastry with her and remembered how 3 years ago I sat in that park and wrote about being ready to have a child and dreamed about my future baby.

There was the moment I walked along the Champs Elysee and felt this –

‘My heart has wings. Today it nearly flew right out of my chest. Or burst…but not in a bad way, in a “I don’t know how there is any more room in here, I’m so incredibly full!”‘

Paris Flowers

There was the moment I sat at the Rodin Museum a little disappointed because I wasn’t feeling well and some of the rooms weren’t open and my daughter looked at me, started laughing and took off down the path. She toddled along with her arms raised, she would look back to see if I was following and just laugh and laugh and laugh.

Paris Rodin Daphne

There was the moment we blew bubbles out of our apartment window and watched a group of school kids chase them below.

Paris Bubbles

There were so many moments where I connected to my senses, engaged with all the parts of Paris that I love and truly reconnected to who I am. And there were so many moments where I acknowledged my strength and learned new things about who I am and who I am becoming.


Paris Eiffel


Paris sky


Paris Street


Paris Sunset

As you go through your day, your week, your year – what moments can you savor? Even today, can you stop and really connect with what happened this morning or yesterday? There was the moment your child said something for the first time or your partner introduced you to a new food or someone said something really kind or you paused for 15 seconds and felt peace. There was the new pose in your yoga class or the new rose in bloom on your rose bush or the moment your dog nuzzled up next to you and exposed his belly for a scratch. There was the first sip of your morning coffee, dandelions blowing in the breeze or the ecstasy of clean sheets against your weary body. There were kisses (did you let yourself linger and lean in?) and laughter and maybe some tears.

Savoring your moments is different than clinging to them. You can live in the present and also savor what happened recently (or even a while ago). Savoring allows you to feel gratitude. It allows you to feel joy (and sometimes pain). It allows you the opportunity to honor the truth of your life.

Life is full of moments. Some are hard, some are beautiful, some are painful, some are joyful – all are fleeting.

Looking for more information about Paris and Sensuality? Read my May newsletter – Greetings From Paris – A Lesson in Sensual Living. Subscribe to my newsletter here.

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May 24, 2014

My Parisian Affair!

rodin affair

Are you feeling stuck, uninspired or disconnected from who you are?  Do you think a relationship with a new person will help?

What lights you up?

What helps you reconnect to who you are?

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April 11, 2014

What is the point of life?

point of life

Do you wonder about the point of life? Or the meaning of life?

Why are you alive? What do you want to leave behind? What do you want to do with your life? Are you scared about dying?

If you knew you only had two weeks to live, what would you do? How would you live differently?

And what keeps you from doing that now?

Death often shakes us up and makes us more alert. It reminds us that we are alive and asks us, “What are you living for?” People who have had near death experiences talk about how they “woke up” or realized how precious life is or were never the same after the experience. They share there is a different quality to life, it’s in technicolor. It means something. What does your life mean? People who are dying may take different risks or share things they have holding in or show up differently. What would you do if you found out you have 3 months to live? What risks would you take? Who would you forgive?  Who would you connect with? What if you disappeared and no one noticed?

It’s one thing to contemplate our own death….and it’s another to be rocked by the death of someone we love. I remember standing in a parking lot when my dad was dying and watching the leaves blowing in the trees and wondering, “How can the world just keep moving? Why isn’t every just halting to a stop?!?” My world was forever changed, why wasn’t the rest of the world stopping? When he died I felt really confused about the point of life. This is something I hear from other people too. There is questioning about “the point of life” or why we are here. There may be uncertainty about what it all means or if it is worth it. If the people we love can disappear, why risk love? What is the point? There is just so much pain and uncertainty.

What is the point of life for you? What do you want? What do you want in your life?

Some people say having a family is the reason we are here. Or they want to leave a legacy behind. For others life is about making a difference. Some people believe life is about having as much fun and adventure and experiences as possible. For others there is no point of life, you just do the best you can.

What do you want your life to look like?

What is YOUR point of life?

At the end of your life what do you want to feel? What do you want to look back on? Have you read about the top 5 regrets of the dying? Would you have any of these regrets?

One of the gifts of my dad’s illness and death is that I’ve been able to reflect on my own life, my own desires and what life means to me. What does life mean to you?

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February 5, 2014

Living isn’t for the faint of heart

This beautiful traveling altar was sent to me by a wonderful supporter and someone who recognizes when I am "in it."

This beautiful traveling altar was sent to me by a wonderful supporter and someone who recognizes when I am "in it."

So many big things are happening. So many of us are IN IT! And sometimes it is hard.

Major changes, challenges, growth opportunities and struggles.

We are starting businesses, ending relationships, raising children, speaking out truths, saying goodbye to people we love, going back to school, struggling to pay our bills, giving up our dreams, grieving, choosing to have a baby, struggling to get pregnant, moving to places where we don’t know a soul, leaving places and people we love, hearing bad news, receiving life altering diagnoses or prognoses and wondering, what is the point of it all?

We are taking risks and sometimes falling and standing again and trying.

We are flourishing.

We are saying yes to love, laughing with our heads thrown back and our mouths wide open, receiving touch and warmth and connection, dancing with our arms out and our hips swaying, making love and calling out our pleasure, loving our bodies and shaking off shame.

And sometimes we aren’t.

Sometimes our heart is breaking. Sometimes we are crying on the bathroom floor. Or sometimes we wish we could be crumpled on the bathroom floor, but there are mouths to feed or floors to wash or other tears that need to be dried. Sometimes we are stuck in shame, unable to be seen or see ourselves, wishing we could just disappear…sometimes forever.

Oh man, this stuff is hard.

Oh man, this life can be hard…and wonderful…and glorious…and hard.

Sometimes the joy is so big we feel guilty. Sometimes we worry that it will all be taken away…there is too much good and when other people are hurting it feels uncomfortable to have too much good. Sometimes we feel like we need to pay for the good or earn the good or even things out a bit. We worry we are undeserving…we don’t enjoy this moment because we think about how awful it will feel when it’s gone.

Living isn’t for the faint of heart.

But what are our choices?

We live and feel it all…the up the down…the high the low…the lovely the miserable…the ecstasy and the brutally hard –- or we shut down, we numb out, we self-medicate, we build walls, we close up, we push away, we turn inside out, we give up.

When you close to pain, you close to joy. When you numb the hurt you numb the bliss. When you avoid heartache, you avoid heart-opening.

It’s a bitter truth, eh?

You have a choice. Neither is easy. Life isn’t easy. And truly living isn’t for the faint of heart.

January 24, 2014

What makes you come alive?


Last night I went out to see live dance. For years I’ve been going to White Bird with a group of women and we share a meal and then go to the performance Last night I drank a champagne cocktail, laughed and then watched a group of people dance. And while I was out I thought, “Yes, I remember. This is how I feel when I see dance. I feel alive.”

What makes you come alive?

Every 6 weeks I gather in a women’s circle with some phenomenal women and we journal and journey and share and grow. And every time I feel ALIVE!

What makes you come alive?

This term I’m co-teaching a Human Sexuality class at PSU. Leaving my house and my babe on a Monday night can feel hard. Especially when I still have my private practice and my writing and all of my other responsibilities. And as soon as the class starts I come alive. At the end of the class I’m vibrating. Yes. I am alive.

What makes you come alive?

Maybe it’s exercise. Maybe it’s time in nature. Maybe it’s travel. I hope there are many things. Many possibilities Maybe it’s dancing. Maybe it’s going to a sporting event. Maybe it’s making art. Maybe it’s sex.

What makes you come alive?

If you are in a relationship, what makes you feel alive as a couple? Having breakfast and reading the paper might feel nice or comfortable, but do you feel alive? What engages you? What excites you? What plugs you into each other?

What makes you come alive?

I’m not suggesting you are “dead” the rest of the time. Sometimes we are caught up in the grind. Sometimes we are on autopilot. Sometimes we are struggling. Sometimes we are going through the motions. And sometimes we feel alive. We feel awake. We feel excited or sparkly or alert. When I feel alive I feel more like me. What makes you feel like you?

And could you be doing more of that? Could you be feeling alive more often? Will you let yourself be alive?

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July 16, 2013

The Truth About Sex

sexual intimacy

Recently someone called me a “Truth-Seeker.”  Wowee!  That struck my heart as a huge compliment.  I’ve been seeking and honoring truth a lot lately.  It is one of my core values.  I’ve also been thinking about my business and the values I help people cultivate.






Living Lusciously

Really Great Sex

All of the above is lovely.  It’s also really hard to maintain.  Great sex is WONDERFUL, but can you have it every single time you come together with your lover? I want you to unlock your potential for pleasure and really discover what you like…but will you feel pleasure every single day of your life?  I truly do live lusciously, does that mean I always love everything about my life?

Here are some truths about sex (and life).

  • Sometimes it lacks passion – or is even “blah.”
  • It takes work to make it better (I know sex is supposed to be “natural” but like anything if you want to make it more interesting or exciting you are going to have to try new things, you might even have to read a book or take a class or talk to an expert).
  • Things that used to “work” for you might not anymore. Our bodies change, we change…just because you used to love something doesn’t mean you always will.
  • When you are present and invested it really is better!
  • Just doing it for someone else will not serve you. Closing your eyes and willing it to be over isn’t good for your soul or your heart or your relationship (see above, when you show up you are rewarded).
  • The more you know about what you want and what you like – the better it will be.
  • Intimacy, love and vulnerability can take it to a whole different level. Sure, it can be fun, exciting, sexy or playful with a stranger – but there is a depth that can be enjoyed with someone you love and respect.
  • Occasionally your body might not cooperate. You might have trouble with arousal or orgasm or a certain position.
  • Sex (like life) is deeply personal.
  • You will feel better about what you are doing if you stop looking to other people for approval. If you feel good about it (and aren’t hurting anyone), you are doing it right.  Stop trying to measure yourself against someone else’s yardstick.
  • It ebbs and flows – sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s tender, sometimes it’s passionate, sometimes it happens a lot and sometimes it’s less frequent.  Trust that if it’s not so great now, you can make it better.

Do I want you to have great sex EVERY single time?  Sure!  Do I wish you could feel sexy EVERY second of the day? Of course!  I am also a truth-seeker and I think it’s important to identify our own personal truths.

What are your sexual truths?

What are you hiding or avoiding seeing?

What do you celebrate and hold dear?

Get clear about your own sexual truths and notice how that positively affects your experience (and life)!

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