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August 7, 2014

Coming Home to Your Body

I am so excited about the One Day Retreat I’m co-hosting with Nikki Weaver this fall!

Coming home to your body

Nikki and I are both moms. After we had our daughters we were talking about how strange we felt in our bodies – pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, healing, focusing so much attention on a tiny person – they all pulled energy from our bodies and focused it elsewhere. We started talking about tangible things we could do to reconnect to our bodies.

  • Yoga
  • Writing
  • Baths
  • Pleasure
  • Walking
  • Ritual
  • Creating Collages

And then we started talking about the work we do (yoga, therapy, personal-growth) and how many other women may be feeling disconnected from their bodies.

Pregnancy and birth aren’t the only things that shift how we feel in our bodies. There are so many other factors that can cause us to detach, disconnect or feel numb.

This workshop isn’t just for moms. This workshop is for anyone who wants to love her body more.

This retreat is for women who –

want a special space to slow down and connect to their centers

have experienced a change in their bodies – weight change, injury, illness, injury, pregnancy, birth, aging, etc.

want to feel more joy, sensuality or sexual energy

want to love and accept their bodies

spend most of their time in their head and feel disconnected from their bodies

focus most of their attention on other people and are ready for a day that is all about THEM!

This retreat is for women who want to feel more comfortable in and more connected to their bodies.

Read more about the retreat and register HERE.

June 7, 2012

Pregnancy and Your Body

My May newsletter is about Body Image. You can view it here.

It was inspired by a TV segment I did about women and bathing suits and by my own feelings about my body as it shifts with pregnancy.

And then a week ago I made a video for my Heart Centered Sexuality retreat.

When I watched the video I was shocked by how I felt looking at myself on camera.  Have you ever heard your voice on a recording and been surprised by how it sounded?  That’s how I felt when I saw myself at 30 weeks of pregnancy.  I’ve been talking with and listening to many pregnant women lately and I’m noticing how we talk about pregnancy and body image.

It hurts my heart to hear how many women call themselves “fat.” It’s not just the women who are using these terms, but I’m hearing that partners and family members are also commenting on how “huge” some pregnant women are or they are comparing them to other pregnant women as it if it is a one size fits all experience.

Some women LOVE being pregnant and feel great about the way their body is changing.  They feel sexy and curvy and glowing. Others struggle with the changes and feel big or unattractive or sick or uncomfortable.  It can be especially hard for women who have struggled with weight or body image in the past. Imagine spending years or decades trying to manage your weight (or lose weight) and now being told you should gain about 30 pounds.

Not only does your body look different, it may feel different.  You may move differently.  You may respond to smells, touch and food differently.  You may experience pleasure differently.  There are so many physical changes happening (and then there are hormones and feelings and fears and excitement).

Please be gentle with yourself. Do your best to turn down the volume on your inner critic and turn up the volume on self-loveIf you are looking for specific steps you can take to love your body, check out my May Newsletter. You may also enjoy these posts about body image.

You have curves, embrace them!

Is your body image impacting your relationship?

Treat your body well.

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