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December 14, 2018

Vibrant Living: creating your year of love!

There is so much competing for our attention this time of year! The holidays often come with obligations and expectations. And while the new year can be exciting, it can also be overwhelming with resolutions and trying to make it the BEST YEAR EVER!

My dear friend Nikki Weaver and I have been talking a lot about how we want our lives to feel. We’ve been gathering and sharing and planning. We’ve been dreaming and setting goals. This past year we’ve loved co-facilitating retreats and circles of women and we wanted to start 2019 off with a special day long retreat where we create a year of love together!

joy and hope

Vibrant Living: Creating your year of love

Together we will explore our desires and intentions for 2019!

You’ll leave feeling nourished and connected and with a plan for living your own love-filled 2019!

What do you want this year?

How do you want to feel?

How do you want to stretch?

And how do you want to be supported?

Together we will dream and uncover and create and share.

This is a place you can share your wild fancies, your small wishes, your struggles and your fears.

Nikki will be leading us in yoga before and after our lunch break.

I’ll be asking questions and leading exercises to explore passion, presence, setting goals and getting clear about what you want in your life.

There will be time to share, to listen, to reflect and to connect with other women.

For lunch we’ll walk to a local restaurant to socialize and sit with each other in community.

We are so excited about this offering!

Nikki and I have been exploring what it means to live with presence, pleasure and purpose in our own lives. Not only that, together we have been taking risks and setting goals that make us gasp and watching our lives unfold in beautiful ways. We are committed to living vibrant lives. We are committed to living lives full of love. And we want to create lives full of vibrancy and love with YOU!

Here are Some Logistics –

January 26th 10am-5pm

The retreat is limited to 10 women

The location is NE Portland. We will send you the address after you register.

The cost is $150

(lunch at a local restaurant is included)

Registration is currently closed. Please send an email to for more information.

Let’s start the year off by carving out time for ourselves and our wants. Together we can set ourselves up for a year of love!

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December 25, 2014

If you are struggling this Christmas…

christmas peace

My heart is warm after a morning and afternoon with my family. There were gifts and food and laughter (and a few tears from some overstimulated kiddos). There was the annual picture with my 4 siblings and my mom. There were attempts at getting all 6 grandkids to pose for a picture. There was merry-making and gratitude.

I know the holidays aren’t always this lovely or this easy. I know a lot of people who’ve lost loved ones this year (and many during the holiday season). I have friends who lost a parent or grandparent. I heard of a high school classmate who died recently and is survived by young children. It’s heart breaking. There is never an easy time to lose someone you love, but when it happens on or around a holiday or special occasion, it’s can feel extra hard.

Relationships may have ended. Money may be more than tight. You might be sick or sad or both. Sometimes the holidays stink. And all around you, everyone else appears to be singing carols, wearing ugly sweaters and posting pictures of the million dollar gifts their gorgeous partner gave them. It’s hard. And I’m sorry. I also know I can’t make it better.

I’ve had a couple hard holidays too. This year it was easy to laugh and smile when we took our family photo. Last year we smiled but were so aware that there was a key person missing. And the year before I celebrated my baby’s first Christmas but if you look closely at our family photo you will see tears in my eyes because I knew it would be my dad’s last Christmas and our last last family picture with him.

It’s hard and it gets easier.

It’s sad…and wonderful…and brutal…and lovely.

If you are struggling this holiday, I hope you know you aren’t alone. I hope you know that other people have been where you are (or are where you are). I hope you find some support and comfort and relief. I hope you let yourself feel your feelings and then I hope they pass. I also hope you find a little bit of light in all the darkness. I hope you find some peace and some ease and eventually some joy.

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June 25, 2014

Honor Your Path

Photo by Trey Ratcliff

Photo by Trey Ratliff

Is there something you want in your life?

Do you have a goal (or many goals)?

Is there a behavior or situation you want to change?

Being in the present and acknowledging your present situation is so important. Sometimes it’s hard. The present can be painful or full of uncertainty. Your present may include grief or anger or discontent. Your present may feel very far from your goal or the change you want to create.

If you are feeling stuck, take a moment and look at where you’ve come from. This is different than dwelling in the past. This is not the high school quarterback who is pining for his youth. Looking at where you came from (while honoring your present) can highlight how far you have come.

Imagine a a long journey, if you only look at where you are going (and how far away it feels) you can feel discouraged. Don’t forget how far you’ve come.

As you honor your present and acknowledge your past, can you also envision your future? Where are you headed? Without a goal or a vision it is easy to feel stuck. What do you want?

Imagine your goal is to run 5 miles. When you started you could only run 1 mile. Now you can run 3. If you don’t look at where you came from you might be discouraged by the 3 miles, you might be hyper-focused on the 5 mile goal and forget to celebrate the 3 miles. However, If you forget that the goal is to run 5 miles you might just settle for the 3 miles you can run.You might lose focus and settle for less than what you truly want.

As you move toward change, ask yourself where you came from and where you are headed. As we move toward the midpoint of 2014, now is a good time to check in with yourself. What do you want this year? Where have you grown? How have you changed? Where are you headed?

If your path includes expanding your sexual expression, increasing desire, cultivating self-love or embracing pleasure, my online classes will help!

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June 6, 2014

You are NOT Broken

There must be something wrong with me…

I don’t want sex as much as my partner does….

I feel like it takes me too long to climax…

I don’t like foreplay…

I’m not sure if I’ve ever had an orgasm…

I just don’t think about sex…

I don’t know how to be sexy…

I feel broken.

I hear some variation of the above all too often in my practice.

not broken

You aren’t sexy enough.

You dress too sexy, I can’t take you seriously.

You aren’t aggressive enough in bed.

You are too aggressive, it’s a turn off.

You are too ________________.

You aren’t ______________ enough.

Do this _____________ to please your man.

Stop doing this _______________ and find a husband.

The above messages are all around us. We read them standing in the checkout line, on the shelves of bookstores, or hear them coming out of the mouths of people we know.

The messages translate into –

You are not enough.

You are not right.

You are broken.

If you take nothing else from this article, please trust this – You are NOT broken!

Sometimes I struggle with sharing more information about sexuality because I don’t want to be one more voice telling women that they aren’t doing sex right. I don’t want to be one more voice telling women they need to do something else to be sexy for someone else. I don’t want to be one more voice telling women that they aren’t enough.

I won’t tell you that you are broken.

I don’t believe you are broken.

I don’t want to add my voice to the collective voices that are shouting about women’s sexually

So I made a list of all the reasons I’m write about sexuality and all the things I want people to learn.

Here is part of my list –

You are not alone

Ways to let go of the shame or worry you aren’t doing sex right

You are enough! Who you are is great!

Discovering your sexual truth

Holistic Sexuality

Connecting to your body, desire and passion


More enjoyment of sex

Nowhere on that list does it say that women are broken unless they

view sex ___(this)___ way

or have sex ___(this)___ way

or act sexy ___(this)___ way.

You know why?

Because I don’t think you are broken.

I don’t want to turn you into someone else. I don’t want to teach you how to be a bad girl or make you into a sexy tiger. I don’t want you to pretend to be someone else.

I want to help you find your sexual truth.

I want to help you connect to your sexual essence

I want to help you discover your desire and what lights your fire.

I want to show you that you are unique. You are sexual (even if you don’t feel that way right now). You are OK. You are enough.

You are NOT broken.

What more information about your unique sexual experience? –  Subscribe to my free newsletter. I will send you something each month to remind you that you aren’t broken and help you connect to who you really are.

Would you like some helping connecting to your sexual truth? Find out more about my 10-week self-study class here.

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November 14, 2013

Self Care During the Holidays

I recently wrote about self-care being a foundation rather than a reward.  I’m hoping you agree and understand the importance of self-care.  I also know it can be hard to find the time or energy during the holidays. My November Newsletter is about prioritizing self-care during the holidays.  Check it out for tangible ways to commit to self-care.

Some of the strategies include:

  • Scheduling it
  • Doing it with others, getting an accountability partner
  • Finding it in small doses
  • Paying for it
  • Doing something you love

    You can read more here.

    If you are overwhelmed with all of the things you MUST do during this time of year, self-care can fall off your radar.  Some of the above techniques can help you make sure self happens. What does self-care mean? What counts as self care?

    Here are some other words that are similar to or can equal self-care –

    • Pamper
    • Rest
    • Rejuvenate
    • Self-love
    • Nurture
    • Recharge
    • Nourish

    Any of the above can be self-care.  Pleasure can feel like self-care.  Joy can feel like self-care.  Eating well and getting enough rest is self-care.

    As the days are darker and the weather is cooler, it’s even more important to look inside and respond to what you need. How can you care for yourself?  How can you prioritize yourself this holiday season? How can you give to yourself?

    Woman is a River: Transform Your Sexual Mythology starts November 25th!  This class is a wonderful way to nourish yourself and focus on self-love this holiday season!

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    August 19, 2013

    Writing It Out and Journaling In


    Diaries aren’t just for teenage girls and recording crushes.  Writing your thoughts, feelings, desires, experiences and more; can be very powerful.

    I have kept a journal off and on for decades.  There were times I was diligent and wrote every day and others when I would show up at the page every few months.  When I started my business and started writing for work, I wrote for myself less and less.  When my dad died, I needed a place to put all of my thoughts and feelings.  I could talk to friends and family…but the truth is there is only so much space or energy for that.  I was very supported and at the same time, my family had their own grief and my friends didn’t have the same experience as I did (though I will say, talking with my friends who have also lost a parent was so comforting and reassuring.  If you have experienced loss I do recommend trying to connect with people who will “get” it).

    Writing is a wonderful way to work through feelings…to get them out of your body…to heal.

    Process your grief

    Vent your anger

    Pour out your heartache

    Scribble out your joy

    It is also a powerful way to go inward, to learn, to reflect, to understand, to grow.

    What do I want in my life?

    What isn’t serving me?

    What risks shall I take?

    What are my fears?

    It can also be a way to record what is happening in your life.

    Track changes

    Document experiences

    Take a snapshot of your life

    There isn’t a “right way” to journal.  Journal in the way that works best for you.  Use words or pictures or art. If you need a schedule or a special place or a special journal; that’s great.  If you need something else that is great too!

    Journaling can be a solitary event.  It can also be something you do with or for another person.

    • Keep a journal for yourself

    Let it be something just for you.  You don’t have to worry about judgment or shame.  Let it be yours.

    • Share a journal with your partner

    You can write this together.  You could create a gratitude journal where you each post something you are grateful for about your partner each day.  You could also keep a journal about your relationship and give it to your partner one day.

    • Journal for your children

    I kept a pregnancy journal and have continued to write a journal for my daughter.  I write her letters, comment on things she learns or experiences and even just record a plain old boring day.  I can’t wait to be able to share this with her one day.  Sometimes my love is so strong, so I grab her journal and write out my feelings.  I know that when she is older I will be able to tell her how much I enjoyed her first year, this journal will give her a glimpse of what it was really like (especially because we tend to “rewrite” memories in our mind).

    Talking things out can be so wonderful.  Processing with a friend or a counselor is great!  You also have the ability to do some work on your own with a pen and paper.  Writing it out or journal within…keep it to yourself or share it…journal in a way that works for you!

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    March 10, 2011

    Women’s Sexuality Survey


    I need your help.  I’m working on a book and I would love your feedback.

    I want to know who you are as a sexual being.

    Please check out my video and take my survey.

    Thanks for your support!


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    August 28, 2010

    Want more than a weekly update?

    Are you looking for more ways you can improve your relationship or sex life?

    You can now follow me on Twitter or connect on Facebook.  In addition to tips and updates, will find the links to my weekly Studio 6 appearances.

    I look forward to seeing you there!

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